Author Topic: Most recent time you thought "Oh God, this really is the Matrix! UNPLUG ME NEO"  (Read 2439 times)


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Today I was walking to work and peered into a random store.  I looked up and noticed 4 massive, red banners in a row, hanging ominously above the shoppers.





I half expected banner #5 to say "ARBEIT MACHT FREI".  It was definitely the creepiest and most jarring advertising I've seen in a while, and there is a lot of creepy advertising out there.  It's a brute force way to make you think that buying all this shit is necessary, and that something bad will happen if you don't.  Pretty much nobody shopping there will think about the intention of this signage, and most probably aren't even conscious of having seen it.  I feel like even if I went in there to get an essential item I'd turn around and leave forever, feeling too creeped out to buy anything.  I have no idea what kind of store it is, I just kept moving.  I just wondered how a movie like The Matrix even got made considering what a strong metaphor it is for the consumption mindset.

What have you seen or heard lately that wasn't just anti-mustachian, but downright creepy?  When you thought "Oh God, the Matrix is real!"


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Every damn day.


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I always think WTF when I hear those commercials on the radio claiming that they will "finance anyone, even if you have no credit, bad credit, a bankruptcy, etc." People in that position should not be financing cars. It's like saying, "we'll sell you drugs even if you're in rehab"...very irresponsible IMO but nobody thinks anything of it.


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Reminds me of They Live. I would have snapped a pic of that. Many folks that are plugged into the matrix will see that and think nothing of it. It's already drilled into their subconscious, so it doesn't phase them. It doesn't take much to mindwash someone... a beautiful person on TV, a nice voice on the radio, good design in print, a grand structure made to make you feel small. All of this influences peoples way of thinking.