Author Topic: J D Byrider's Faustian Tale  (Read 2162 times)


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J D Byrider's Faustian Tale
« on: July 20, 2017, 06:09:55 PM »
On the car ride back from my son's medical appointment, there was a radio spot for a used car company, JD Byrider.  They presented the following story.

Act I
A young woman is gifted a hoary old vehicle right before entering college.  Industrious by nature, the woman obtains a part-time job while pursuing her studies.  One cold and rainy day, her chariot cannot go on any longer.  The wise repairman is able to restore the woman's conveyance, but numerous parts are failing. The intrepid young woman plans to save up her earnings until she can purchase a new vehicle outright.

Act II
The young woman comes within range of a hungry used-car Mephistopheles.  He says he can open her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities she never even dreamed.  For just a small monthly payment, she can 'own' a nice, newer, reliable car which she desperately needs. He show her the wonders of the modern automotive world.  He tells her of the nice, newer, reliable sedan she could 'own' for just a small monthly sacrifice.  Bluetooth, backup cameras, and heated leather seats whisper to her heart of luxury and status, while her mind is placated by the promised reliability and stronger credit history.  Seduced, she signs away a large portion of her paltry monthly earnings.

The true horror is this story is presented not as a cautionary tale of dire consequences, but as a wonderful story of awakening.  Behold the power of the unholy used car salesman!

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Re: J D Byrider's Faustian Tale
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 06:30:34 AM »
I fucking hate JD Byrider. My daughter's fiance, who granted has NOT made the most intelligent decisions with his finances to date, "bought" a 2009 Impala from them. KBB on it was maybe $7000 when he signed the contract, and he paid over $10k for it with a $400 payment and forced insurance that protects no one but JDB! If that were it, it would be bad enough, but with the interest on the loan he barely made a dent in the principal by the time it started breaking down. I advised him to walk away from the car, which he finally did. JDB repo'ed it and the next week it was back on the lot for "sale" for the bargain basement price of $7000 (for a car now worth around $3500). I've read stories of how they churn cars through this cycle - "selling", financing at outrageous rates, repo'ing, "selling", etc. - with over 10 different "owners" on the same car before they finally junk the car because it's completely worn out. Each "owner" is on the hook for the difference between what they owe and what JDB "sold" the car for to the next sucker, which is often times enough to force people into a bankruptcy. They prey on those with poor credit and low income - not sure why they are still allowed to operate... <end rant>


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Re: J D Byrider's Faustian Tale
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 09:32:05 AM »
I had to look them up to learn that this a company operating in 34 states. They have a location near me, but i guess I've been fortunate enough to miss out on their advertising!


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Re: J D Byrider's Faustian Tale
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2017, 09:11:11 AM »
Never heard of 'em either but curiosity drove me to check out their website. This is from the Testimonials section.

When I saw your billboard, I called out of curiosity because I was sure I would be denied yet again. But, Keith told me to come talk with him so, I did. Three hours later I drove off in my new car!!!

 That was 18 months ago. As a result of this car, my credit score went up to 700+, and with that, I just closed on my first home last month and I traded in my car for a BRAND NEW one at one of those dealerships that originally denied me.