Author Topic: It happened again...  (Read 1920 times)


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It happened again...
« on: March 12, 2018, 11:22:20 AM »
There is a rental house at the far end of my street that I drive by often. There has been a high turnover rate lately and every few months someone new moves in and puts a huge TV box out for trash pick up soon after moving in. Well, new people moved in last week and this morning's trash pile was very big and you guessed it... a box for a 72 inch TV in the pile. I doubt there is a room big enough in that house for a TV that large.


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Re: It happened again...
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 11:42:12 AM »
Maybe that's the reason for the turnover.  They buy the giant TV and realize they need a bigger living room.


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Re: It happened again...
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2018, 12:13:55 PM »
At least if the TV ever breaks they can built it into a serviceable dining table top.  :P