Author Topic: 選n Vancouver, there are lots of kids of corrupt Chinese officials. Here, they c  (Read 2338 times)


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This article is a bit different from the usual "look at these rubes spending more than they can afford," this is full-on "I'll take the Land Rover when it's too rainy for the Lambo."

Kudos to the woman who tried to simulate being homeless by living on the streets for a few days, although I couldn't quite tell if that was part of the reality TV bit they mentioned.

More jaw-dropping than your average mustachian comedy article.


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They ran this article in the CBC as well.  Don't know how much truth there is to this, but a lot of people are bitter at the idea of Chinese buying up and escalating the property values in Vancouver.

I never even knew Lamborghini dealerships had "receptions."  I guess I'm not surprised.  Shockingly I've never been invited to one.


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I wonder if things have changed as the Politburo has been cracking down on corruption.


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Huh?  You mean to tell me that the three sports cars (that each cost over $200k) that I literally just saw earlier being driven by 20 year olds is not related to them creating a new app?