Author Topic: If I pay for your content, will you promise to run spellcheck? Pretty please?  (Read 2302 times)


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So the OC Register has decided to charge for content. Because people who don't subscribe shouldn't be blessed with the in-depth, hard-charging coverage that the paying people get.

So for $2 a DAY, you can read the OCR's website! That's only $10 a week if you need to kill time at work! A bargain at $520 a year! But wait, if you really read it all week, how about $7 for 7 days? Now you're looking at the sweet bargain of $364 for the year!

This, from a website that has only slightly fewer grammatical and spelling errors than a Yahoo! article. A website that lets you know there was a car accident on the 22 fwy, so you know to go check the TV station websites if you want actual information.

Or, you can join the MMM forums for free and smugly judge such silliness. 


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When our local paper hid behind a paywall, I discovered two other interesting (free) alternatives. 

Sure, I can't read the big newspaper's daily "Help!" column or the weekly "Ocean Watch" column, but it turns out that I don't miss them enough to pay for them.