Author Topic: Save money by cutting out small luxuries...and then spend it all on new clothes!  (Read 2285 times)


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Starts out well:

Although the one-time cost of my morning beverage doesn’t amount to much, it wouldn’t take long for all those charges to add up. Simply skipping one Monday-through-Friday cycle would put $13.65 in my pocket; I’d cash in $54.60 after four weeks.  If I kept at it for an additional two months (three in total)? There’d be an extra $163.80 in my bank account

but then goes off in the wrong direction:

Then comes the fun part: buying amazing clothes, shoes and bags with your new-found riches.

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This twisted idea of "savings" is pretty common, that money saved somewhere gets spent somewhere else and somehow you're ahead.  My mom is big on this.  I've tried to stop revealing any information to her regarding money earned from side hustles, because inevitably it leads to, "Oh, that's $50 you weren't expecting.  You can put that towards <insert thing that I'm not going to buy>"


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Wow, advertising that masquerades as PF advice. It's ingenious.