Author Topic: $24 cocktail kit - (booze, shaker, zester, strainer etc. not included)  (Read 1387 times)


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Lately I've noticed a lot of really basic stuff being packaged as a 'kit' and sold for incredible markups.  Today I came across this "Carry on Cocktail Kit".  For $24 you get a super-mini bottle of bitters (good for two drinks), a spoon, a sugar packet, a piece of paper, a piece of linen, and a piece of metal.

Oh and you still need to buy the booze and get the ice!  With S/H, this will increase the price of your typical airplane cocktail to over $20 per drink (on my last flight 'spirits' were $7) - AND on most airlines you'll be drinking it out of a plastic cup, no garnishes!

I figure you could make this 'kit' yourself for under $1.  Sheesh...
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Re: $24 cocktail kit - (booze, shaker, zester, strainer etc. not included)
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Yeah, it's amazing how much a mark-up these things have. I had a customer of mine that was panicking in mid-December as his Christmas sales were WAY lower than in 2013, and so as a result he took a bunch of my products that come in a box, opened it and put some other small products in and put a bow on it and marked it down. I believe he took each individual unit cost, added it up and then doubled it (for his markup) and said that they sold like hotcakes! As a result his overall Christmas sales exceeded his total in 2013, and he called me a week later to place a huge order!