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How to save for a house
« on: February 23, 2015, 02:55:00 PM »
(What I googled was where to save for a house, but none of the results were actually about that - are savings accounts just the default? It seems weird to me that no one is even asking the question. Anyway.)

Saving for a house downpayment? It could take you until 2027

They did a bit of calculation about how long it takes to save for 20% of the median house at the average savings rate. The point about it taking longer for a young worker to reach the national median salary was interesting; I wonder how much of that is demographic, due to the large number of baby boomers in comparison to younger generations?

I thought it was awesome how the comments were so much less defeatist than the actual article. Even though they have that "idiot in the comment section" tone, and some of the options they suggest are kinda bad, they show a lot more agency than the article itself.

while your in HS get a trade that will pay off and don't go to college..(college is a scam designed to enslave you with debt much like a mortgage).

get hired with your trade right out of HS age of  get an apt at age 21 with one or two close friends and work as a team to save as much money as possible. you'll be better off then most people that fell for the scam of collage and mortgage debt..

the truth is the only affordable housing is in mobile home parks. do not believe  all the lies. do not be afraid of being called "trailer park trash". i have been making interest/principal payments on this condo since 1988. with that interest alone one could have bought two or more places like mine with cash.

Obviously a kid right out of college should be entitled to owning an average sized home that people much older, with children, have.

Want a house? Save more than the national average for it.