Author Topic: Health watchdog recommends cycling/pedestrian routes priority for road planning  (Read 1147 times)


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(Not anti-mustachian, but follows on from the discussion in another thread about the lack of pavements and impossibility of walking in some areas in the US, so this seemed like a good place to put it for discussion).

I was please to see the UK health watchdog recommend prioritisating cycling and pedestrians as well as public transport when planning new roads, as a step to tackle obesity and other health issues:

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I think I'll send this to our local planning commission. We have a shopping district that is growing with hotels, restaurants and new stores. Did the planners include full sidewalks and crosswalks? Nah. Why would anyone walk anywhere??? They expect people staying in one of the hotels to get into their car, drive 500 meters and eat. Then get back into the car and drive elsewhere. Not safe to walk. Its even made me rethink how I bicycle through that area with the added congestion.