Author Topic: Headline: "Colorado Mountain Home Inspired by ‘Walden’ Asks $29 Million"  (Read 1638 times)


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It's WSJ, so it's behind a paywall:

I think he missed the point.

Or, maybe it's like a TV movie is "inspired by true events."

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Beautiful home. You're right - "Walden" and this house are very different things.

Even if I could afford it I'm not sure I would want to own a white elephant like that.

I've always admired mansions but they can absorb a fortune to build and maintain.

I guess DW and I are more into cottages. ;)


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"Our life is frittered away with detail. Simplify, simplify." This is inspired by Walden like Jim Jones was inspired by the New Testament.  I think you may have skimmed some parts.


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Well, it does have a pond, and relative to other 20+ million dollar properties in Vail (like this one) it is a lot less gaudy.


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Love that house. Wouldn't want to own it, but would love to stay there a few nights on vacation.