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The article talks about finding fulfillment in work, and how those who take the smoothest paths thru their professional career are often miserable while those who struggle and/or take risks are more fulfilled.  Granted this is among Harvard business school grads, not exactly a typical cross section of society.   

The reason I’m posting this here is because of the “miserable” grad the article profiled.   Quoted below

“It was insanely stressful work, done among people he didn’t particularly like. He earned about $1.2 million a year and hated going to the office.

“I feel like I’m wasting my life,” he told me. “When I die, is anyone going to care that I earned an extra percentage point of return? My work feels totally meaningless.” He recognized the incredible privilege of his pay and status, but his anguish seemed genuine. “If you spend 12 hours a day doing work you hate, at some point it doesn’t matter what your paycheck says,” he told me. There’s no magic salary at which a bad job becomes good. He had received an offer at a start-up, and he would have loved to take it, but it paid half as much, and he felt locked into a lifestyle that made this pay cut impossible. “My wife laughed when I told her about it,” he said.”

A job paying 600k a year was not enough due to his family’s lifestyle choices!!

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