Author Topic: Fund Our Honeymoon: MMM or Anti-MMM?  (Read 14212 times)


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Re: Fund Our Honeymoon: MMM or Anti-MMM?
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Honeyfunds are stupid. First, you aren't buying what you think you are buying (like a candlelit dinner or something). The couple can spend it on whatever they want. Second, the website takes a percent. So you're really giving them money except you are paying more than they are actually getting. If someone doesn't want gifts, the correct thing to do is make a small registry. When I see a small registry, I think, oh, the couple probably wants cash.

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Re: Fund Our Honeymoon: MMM or Anti-MMM?
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I believe that nobody wants to go to anybody's wedding. I mean, no one will actually tell you this, but no one wants to come to your wedding. Except your parents (probably), and maybe some siblings if you're close to them. But don't even assume your siblings want to attend. And people really don't want to buy you a wedding gift, much less a shower or engagement gift. Friends and family will feign enthusiasm about your wedding festivities but I would bet they're just being polite. I know people will protest my saying this but I really think this is true.
Agree completely,unless perhaps it is a wedding in a very interesting venue where I don't have to go to great lengths to get there.

The only people who know how to throw appropriate weddings these days are our gaEy friends. Those have been simple, joyful affairs, largely informal, and all about the marriage and not about the pomp. I suppose it's only a matter of a few years before they start to have registrations and brideZilla behavior.
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Re: Fund Our Honeymoon: MMM or Anti-MMM?
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Who cares about this stuff, anyway?

Do some of you honestly look at wedding invitations/info cards and say, "Oh no they didn't! How dare they ask for what they -really- want?!?! Well they will soon learn that the internet allows me to have a bag of poop delivered straight to the door of their honeymoon hotel room!"

Or, "What is this? They said where they registered? HOW GAUCHE! I shall be telling the bridge ladies about this one!"

Or "'NO GIFTS PLEASE!' Why I never! Now my gift will be a brick through their window!"