Author Topic: Frugal or folly? 130-sq-ft prison cell for rent in Seattle's university district  (Read 11391 times)


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Who need a 130 sf behemoth when you can live in a 100 sf or less apt

Although this 130 sf place in Paris is pretty nice an innovative. Its like an IKEA showroom only real:
Paris has had maid rooms for rent for decades. If you've ever seen the scenes in Downton Abbey where the servants live, it's pretty much the exact same thing, located right under the roof.

If you can score one in a ritzy neighborhood. it's pretty awesome. Sure it's just a room the size of a compact parking spot, but there is a shared kitchen and bathroom in the hallway, and you can often sneak onto the roof of the building and kick back like you own the place. They can typically only be obtained by word of mouth, and could be had for about 400-600 euros a month around 2010, not sure about now.

It's illegal to rent out anything under 9mē but they are very much still in use, yes! I volunteer at a housing charity and we just got a guy out of sub 4.5mē (yes, 45 sqft) and into something >30mē.

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Sounds like a dorm.  It would work for me as a student.


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My brother lives in a better-organized 150 sq ft apartment in Vancouver. Separate bathroom, tiny kitchenette. It's okay; it rents furnished, so it's not as optimally laid out as it could be.

I could live in it, even with my out of control cooking habit. Just have to be a little more together.


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I will vote for "not frugal".

Frugal would be living and going to university somewhere where housing is not overpriced.

I don't mind living somewhere small if the price is commensurate.