Author Topic: Friends are moving - Moustache worthy?  (Read 2135 times)


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Friends are moving - Moustache worthy?
« on: June 10, 2014, 12:58:58 AM »
Sigh, our very good friends have finally seen the light with their spendy ways- and have decided to handle it with a move to a small city 8 hrs away.  Trade down their 450k home  and 300k rental property for a 280k home.

So far very "M" of them...  but...

Reason is so that they can continue to afford he lifestyle they want, including a 3,000 sqft workshop! 5 acre property for the dog and kids to roam, all "only" 20 min drive outside of town in Prince George.  Only slightly warmer than NWT, and winter really is a full 6 mos.  Lots more heating bills than here on the coast.

The stated problem is that they earn net 6k per month and another 2.5k in rental fees from the 3units now. BUT
They spend 9k + per month, and do not have any more spending room (credit) left to build the fence and shop on their current city property.

I asked if their new monthly costs will go down,  and they said no, but lower or no mortgage will give them more (new) borrowing room to build the shop.   I know that it will be more money (other than mortgage) to live there compared to now, but did not point that out.  Nope, they will start buying more things with the move.   And now be 3k spending more per month without extra income from the rentals.  He works from home for company based in NY, so location not an issue. She is giving up her photograpghy business because it was costing more than she made, but of course that is because she kept buying expensive equipment and now is bringing in the rates she deserves, but part time (40%).  Not great jobs in the new locale either. But maybe it will work.

The worst was helping them pack their 2nd of 4 -20 ft seavan moving containers. (and realizing its 35% more stuff than our pre-mustachian 3000 sqft home move. ) And realizing that their cd collection, books, tools, scuba gear, high end camping gear, photography,  high end kitchen tools, etc represented at least 200k of spend over 20 yrs. They dont go out to eat, just take out sometimes, never buy fancy work clothes, introduced us to free camping spots, have one car etc.  So the money MUST be in their purchases- now in the 4 moving containers.   My guess is that only half will fit in the new house before that shop is built.

It's good to write it here, as I feel very sad by their leaving, especially when it wont help their money problems, only give them a larger land and workshop, a larger hole, and need to make new friends.  Ah,  so.


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Re: Friends are moving - Moustache worthy?
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2014, 12:45:42 AM »
don't know why I read this subforum, usually just makes me sad =(