Author Topic: Finally! Justification for new car: App letís you order Starbucks while driving  (Read 1168 times)


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New GM app lets you order Starbucks (and donuts) while you drive

I hope the 2.0 version will interact with my stomach and just order shit before I realize I want it.

I think this will really complement that new truck feature that backs your boat down the ramp for you. I mean, why should I waste 15 minutes of my life figuring out how to back up a trailer when I can simply add a $10,000 feature to my 8-year car note?


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Hmmmm --- if we combine this with delivery drones, there will be no more need for restaurant drive-thrus. Starbucks drinks can be whisked directly to the parents idling in school drop-off lines. . . .


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At my local Starbuck's, this app has caused a huge upsurge in business that resulted in the baristas not being able to keep up. And they haven't hired enough people to keep up with the demand for coffee. There is always a line of cars at the drive-through, probably 15-20 cars deep. It is crazy.

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Can you imagine what drone delivery will SOUND like? Giant mosquitoes buzzing by at random moments. Not really loud though.