Author Topic: Door to door vacuum sale - it was strangely entertaining  (Read 13376 times)


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Re: Door to door vacuum sale - it was strangely entertaining
« Reply #50 on: October 17, 2016, 09:56:24 PM »
I found out about Kirby while attempting to take a 15 month old Hoover to the repair shop, hoping it was just a belt.  The guy was really nice, and told me that for what it would cost to repair, I could buy another one brand new.  I agreed, but expressed frustration at buying stuff that didn't last, so he started showing me a few of his refurbished units.  We found out in conversation that he had 5 kids and 4 dogs, so hubby asked him what vacuum he used at home, and he immediately said Kirby.  So we went home and did some research.  I eventually bought a 10 year old refurb unit for $300.

They are built like tanks, and they haven't deviated in the design from the 1950's, it seems!  Great vacuum, never failed me once.  I moved into a house w/no carpet, so it didn't see much use.  A few years ago, while moving again, I opted to sell it on Craig's List.  It was close to 20 years old.  I still managed to get $250 for it!

Oh, and it was great when the Kirby salesman stopped by, b/c I could easily say, yup, I already have one, thanks!, and shut the door.  :)

That's what you are supposed to say to anyone that shows up at your door to sell something... ;) Yep - I got Jesus, a Kirby, and 50 magazine subscriptions!

Not sure that's a good idea, cause the guy at the door might be selling water filters or something else and never leave your place till he sells you something.  I prefer opening the door and trying to speak to the guy in a completely made up gibberish language until he leaves.  My favourite is communicating with only tongue-clicking and made up hand signals.  They usually stare for 30 seconds, then leave. 

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Re: Door to door vacuum sale - it was strangely entertaining
« Reply #51 on: October 18, 2016, 07:18:17 AM »
Okay - strategy #2: move way out in the country so it costs them a fortune to go door to door.

Never had a vacuum cleaner salesman but we've had door to door magazines (working to overcome shyness and/or fund a trip I think they said), school chocolates, Girl Scouts, and the religious folks.

The weirdest one was the politician that came around the house to the back door (nobody comes to our back door). Surprised DW badly. She was home alone and said he was creepy. Didn't get our votes.