Author Topic: Buying one gift during christmas not enough, has to be 2 or more...  (Read 1116 times)


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My brother is a complete antimustachian, and like most people, he shows all the classic signs and symptoms during christmas. Stressing over things he "has" to buy for people, complaining about "having" to spend money, having a checklist of multiple people to buy gifts for, buying useless crap at the last minute for people he doesn't know, trying to compare people's gifts and seeing who can spend the most money...

This year, he spent over 200 for his girlfriend...

me: why on earth did you spend so much on her?

bro: I got her like 4 presents

me: normally you're just supposed to get one present for a person....

bro: yeah but I felt guilty you know? I always -only- get her one gift a year, so I decided to buy her more stuff

bro: and also I felt guilty because she got me that expensive watch, so I have to get her something more expensive to match the price you know?

me: your fault for letting your guilt get to you....

bro: yeah I know but what can you do, women right? *elbows me*

So that was funny and pitiful... apparently if you get a gift for someone every single year, that becomes the new norm, and you have to up the ante by getting them at least two or more gifts.... siiiiiiiiiigh