Author Topic: AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, T-Mobile Jump - Cell Phone Leasing for dopes  (Read 2143 times)


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It's the cell phone lease! Get a new phone every six months!

If you decide after those two years that you want to leave AT&T, you're entering a world of pain. As the third card points out, your total 2-year cost with one upgrade under Next is $2928. But you still owe $256 on that phone. If, at that point, you decide to just pay it off and go to another carrier, your total cost is now $3184. That is a full $824 more than just getting a two-year contract.

Just buy a used Android phone on CL and pop in a pre-paid SIM!

I'm admittedly still using regular old t-mobile.... I'm a little concerned about pre-paid and roaming.. and my wife won't put up with VOIP - she has a flip phone and hates smart phones. But at least I paid for my phone and brought it to T-mobile.

This "leasing your phone" business is pure crazy.