Author Topic: Coming Soon to O.W.N.: A "cathartic" show for people emerging from bankruptcy  (Read 2410 times)


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...who just happened to have purchased a fleet of cars before their revenue stream disappeared

"We didnít do anything crazy, like popping bottles and buying Rolls Royces, but we worked hard. If my wife wanted something, Iíd go to Burberry and spend eight grand on the Amex card. As a man, I just wanted to be the superhero and say hey, letís do this, letís get this." Ummm....but the article says they ... ummmm... had a "fleet of luxury cars."



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I wonder what he'd consider "crazy," if dropping 8K on clothes, having a collection of Rolex and cartier watches, and owning a "fleet" of luxury cars is sane.


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Y'know... I don't think this is so terrible.  Yeah, they were incredibly stupid and got into a hot mess, financially.  But they didn't blame other people for it, and they are doing things pretty differently now, it seems.  And they're doing the show so they can help other people avoid making the same mistakes, or fix them if it's too late for that.

I'd rather watch someone turn their life around, like this seems to be, than watch a show about people who live ridiculously and present it as desirable (i.e., most reality shows).


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"Fake it til you make it"

Can't say i'm surprised.


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I have to agree with TofuChampion. Yeah, they royally fucked up their finances in their boom years, but I imagine there was a lot of pressure on them to have that lifestyle in the Hollywood culture. Not saying it is OK, just saying it is a sad fact about American culture. I'm glad they're getting their shit together though. I hope this show inspires people to save instead of spending every penny they get.