What was your net worth at 30 years old?

Negative, I was still in debt!

Author Topic: What was your net worth at 30 years old?  (Read 106156 times)


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Re: What was your net worth at 30 years old?
« Reply #400 on: March 18, 2017, 10:14:07 AM »
I wonder how many people are counting equity in their home/real estate.

I am more curious to hear what people have saved in IRAs, 401ks/457b, and taxable accounts. Home/real estate equity (unless you plan on selling) means very little, imho.
Why would real estate equity not be counted? I can sort of see the argument against a primary residence (though I don't think it's a good one) but withholding RE equity?
I don't count my home, it will not generate income during retirement and it actually costs money to live in,
with maintenance, insurance and taxes.
 I do consider it a bit of an insurance policy, if the stache is burned through, we could pull out equity with a reverse mortgage for a few final years. But I hope that never happens!

A slight quibble on terminology:  Your home *is* part of your net worth (whether you count it or not.) 
My suggestion is always: Track your net worth.  Track your "financial nest egg.**"  Track both.  Track them in a consistent manner over time.  On a computer or spreadsheet, the difference in effort is minimal. 

Net worth gives you a very big picture.  Graphing it over time can track your progress (or lack thereof).  The actual amount of your net worth are not nearly as interesting as the slope of the line.
Financial nest egg gives you your FIRE capabilities.

**Financial nest egg is pretty much a term I've made up myself.  There is probably a more proper accounting term here.  This is the amount of money you're able to use for FIRE.  It *might* include your home, or a percentage thereof, if your plans are to sell it and buy something less expensive. 
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Re: What was your net worth at 30 years old?
« Reply #401 on: March 20, 2017, 12:53:43 AM »
Oh stop, Spork, you're making too much sense!  How will we argue about what our 'real net worth' is if we track both?
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Re: What was your net worth at 30 years old?
« Reply #402 on: March 20, 2017, 11:18:00 AM »
Currently 29, will turn 30 in a few months.

NW has been increasing at around 3% per month so can pretty reasonably estimate I'll be at around 150k ($185k) by 30.

That includes house equity but only my half of it.


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Re: What was your net worth at 30 years old?
« Reply #403 on: March 22, 2017, 03:56:33 PM »
No option for me in the poll.

24: 50k
25: 200k
26: 400k
27: 600k
28: 775k

I predict I will be around 1.1-1.2M by 30.

Care to elaborate how you got there? That's quite impressive if it wasn't inherited.

For starters, this is not my post originally, and I don't want to speak for this presumably nice and clearly successful human. However, we have a similar story; here's ours:

- We are (newly) married, ages 25 and 28, but weren't married at 21 when money earning kicked in, so these are estimates for early years (of singleness):

22: $40k
23: $80k
24: $150k (these last three are just me - keep in mind DH has been working 5+ years upon our marriage)
25: combined incomes $150k + 400K = $550K in September of last year
Current Combined NW (just assets, not cars etc. - we rent, so no house): $650 k, average age between us: 26

Here's how we did it: elite colleges (generous financial aid/scholarships - hooray!), high-tech degrees, (moderately) money-conscious habits, carpooling, work-related stock bonuses, lots of luck, six-figure tech jobs, and good investing in index funds at Schwab and Betterment. We've also stayed with renting a small condo as Boulder, CO is hugely expensive. Neither of us really came from money (in fact, my dad's family is penniless in a trailer park, and he's entirely self-made success in law enforcement and FI at 50, so good example there!)

The biggest thing for us is fighting the inevitable lifestyle inflation that can occur in ritzy boulder as two twenty-somethings with a 300K/year pre-tax income, and not succumbing to our fancy-schmancy college friends' prying (engagement ring comparisons, world travel in jets, etc.)

While dollar for dollar (if MMM's dollars were 2017 dollars), we're technically ahead of MMM, we are not, because we are not yet homeowners and child(ren) are still 3-5 years off. I think we'll pull the trigger to at least one retiree, one half-time in about five years with a predicted NW of at least (150k/year basic savings * 5 years) = $750k + current $650K = $1.4m, when we're 30 and 34, respectively. Depends a lot on housing, for sure, and whatever the stock market "values" our stock at that date.... And, if we decide to breed...right now, we're having too much fun for that.

Also, we're still working on lowering our monthly expenditures - aren't we all?!

Very lastly, Mr. Eric, you are kicking absolute ass! Woohoo- any plans to quit the rat race, or just bringing it in for a bit longer?
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Re: What was your net worth at 30 years old?
« Reply #404 on: March 22, 2017, 04:00:50 PM »
At 30 I had no savings and $20k of credit card debt.
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