Author Topic: Mustachian Cancer Survivors  (Read 2052 times)


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Mustachian Cancer Survivors
« on: August 05, 2015, 06:04:39 AM »
Hi there, not sure if anyone remembers me but I am just about to be done with my last round of chemo and am so excited to hopefully be free soon. (Check out my blog

So if there are any Mustachian cancer survivors out there, just wondering how cancer has affected your life so far, has it made any changes in your mind set and such. Or were you mustachian before you were diagnosed or maybe during or after your treatments.

For example me, 20 years old, Mustachian before diagnosis.
How has having cancer and going through treatments changed me?

-I am now obsessed with going FIRE/ER like right now as soon as possible. Before my diagnosis I thought "Hey why not try working for a corporation or something just to get what it feels like for a few years" now I couldn't even care less about working for other people.
-I am lucky to have an inheritance, maybe not as large as I could hope for but if my calculations are correct it is more than enough to live comfortable with, thus no reason why I 'have' to work.
-I interestingly want to increase my spending, albeit temporarily on experiences such as maybe a vacation several times a year rather than just one.
-I am quite eager to do a lot of things that I would not have done before cause I was busy with 'work', like do martial arts, learning cooking, join volunteering associations, something I knew I wanted to do after I ER, I just want to do now.
-I am suddenly less stingy with money. My expenses are ridiculously low and I never thought before that I was 'depriving' myself in any way or form, but now I see no reason not to go ahead and spend some money on things that I can enjoy like a vacation overseas or some activities.
-Suddenly more adventurous and less shy now, I kinda of want to do a little bit of everything.

I guess my new fondness and excitement was due to the sort of trauma that "I could have died and never having experienced these things' kind of mentality.

But I have to admit this was the huge push I needed to FIRE/ER because honestly I knew deep down I could do it already but I hesitated cause I wanted to know the experience of others in my age group (like working the job, struggling up the social ladder) but now I see that the situation is just so different now and basically time is precious. There is also the under lining fear that my cancer will return soon or I will develop a new cancer soon and I just can't afford to die without at least once doing/seeing these things.

So for others out there, how are things like for you?
Maybe you were already ER before your diagnosis?


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Re: Mustachian Cancer Survivors
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2015, 06:42:14 AM »
I'm glad to hear you are doing so much better!

I also had some health problems (not as serious as cancer) that led me to strive for FI at a young age in case I couldn't work anymore. It feels very reassuring to be at a point where I know we could get by if I couldn't work. But I feel very healthy now, so hopefully it's never an issue.


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Re: Mustachian Cancer Survivors
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2015, 06:49:41 AM »
Hi Bunny, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.  I went through the whole gamut of "oh shit, I'm gonna die", to "oh shit, I'm gonna survive, but I don't know for how long... now what?".  I definitely came out of the experience a different person.

As far as finances go, I'd always considered myself a frugal person.  But that just meant saving 15% into retirement and another 10% for emergencies.  Those "emergencies" would inevitably be a new car or vacation.  Figured I could afford it if I'm paying cash, so why not...

What I found really interesting is that when I look at my net worth over time, 2012 is when the chart really shot up!  The idea that really sunk in for me, that any of us could die at any moment, really made me want to retire as soon as possible. I have a special needs child, and the most important thing to me has been that there's enough in the bank to take care of her long term.  It also made stupid things like stopping at mcdonalds something I definitely don't want to do anymore.

I also am finding cheaper ways to get those vacations in that I love.  The road trips my family has taken have been the most amazing vacations these last couple years.  I haven't gone skydiving, but that Tim McGraw song really means a lot to me.

I'm still not sure if every decision I make is a frugal one.  I really want to buy an RV and take longer road trips.  It's cheaper to travel in a prius and stay in motels, but my husband hates spending that much time cramped up in a car. To me, the RV means freedom to jump up and go, and have all the comforts of home. The ones we want cost as much as a small house, so it would really push our retirement plans a few years out.   

I guess the main difference for me is that I consider all these choices/decisions more carefully now.  I'm a bit more aware of how the decisions I make today will affect my future, pretty much because I'm just thinking about it more.  I still have no idea if I'm going to die this year, or when I'm 90.  I am preparing for both, just like everyone probably should.   


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Re: Mustachian Cancer Survivors
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2015, 05:28:18 AM »
Hi, thanks I am doing quite well. Actually I have a question, that push for FI, was it only temporary? Like did you feel the urge to FI but after a few years you may have decided to just do a bit of work out of boredom? I feel that will be the case for me, especially as I am still young, FI is nice but I can imagine it being boring if I don't have something to occupy more of my time.

Hi, oh tell me about it, the whole "I am / am not going to die soon or not" thing is always on my mind right now.

I had a dumb conversation with a friend over whether I should buy a new camera or whether I should just get a new battery for my ancient camera (which could cost almost half of a new camera) for hours. Which is so ridiculous because I obviously can afford to buy a new camera but the frugal part of me is screaming "Not being frugal enough".

Hope you are doing well and hopefully be able to go on more vacation trips soon, I sure want to go on vacation that's for sure, haha.