Author Topic: Frugal Toque’s Rant on False Equivalency  (Read 6693 times)


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Frugal Toque’s Rant on False Equivalency
« on: August 16, 2017, 09:25:28 PM »
Once upon a time, I had a bully.  Let us call him Billy the Bully.  A student who had been held back a grade while I’d been skipped ahead, he stood head and shoulders above me, outmassed me by some 30 or 40 pounds and took it upon himself to frequently physically attack me without warning.

On one such occasion, he came up behind me and put me in a choke hold.  As I felt my airway closing off, I frantically flailed my arms and legs about in an attempt to escape, all to no avail.  There’s only so much I could do so far outside my weight class.

A teacher broke us up, took us inside, and stood us next to one another, demanding to know what had happened.

“Billy was choking me,” I heaved, still gasping with panicked breaths.  “I couldn’t breathe.”

“Oh yeah?” Billy replied.  “Toque was elbowing me in the ribs.”

The teacher took only a moment to think about this.

“Well, Billy, you’re partially at fault for choking Toque.”

Then he turned his gaze over and downwards – way downwards – to look at me.

“And, Toque, you’re partially at fault for elbowing Billy.”

Do we all understand how this constitutes false equivalency?
Do we understand what an asinine verdict this teacher rendered?

Justice will not find equivalency between the oppressor squeezing the life out of his victim and his victim desperately trying to breathe.

Likewise, we should not find equivalency between nazis (neo or otherwise), the Klan, various other white supremacists with their various flags ... and the people who came out to protest them.  The genocidal maniacs, so lost in their beliefs that one of their own now stands accused of vehicular homicide, are far off the end of insanity relative to the people they want to wipe from their country.

Trying to equate whatever imagined violence the “antifa” groups might have done is a waste of time.  When that car ran down the protesters and killed a woman, did these “equally violent” people on the “alt-left” riddle it with bullets?  No, they did not.  That’s just one way I can tell we aren’t dealing with equivalently violent groups.  The main differentiation, however, is that they aren’t calling for the extermination of entire races of people.

Point being:

You, dear reader, currently find yourself on an early retirement forum.
Despite this, we often have discussions that get derailed with American politics.
Regardless of this, we will not tolerate arguments that resort to this sort of false equivalency between the heavily armed, swastika-bearing groups that came to Charlottesville this past week and the people who came to protest them.
I have already shut down one thread on the subject, after deleting some ludicrous nonsense.
When you start “just asking questions” and making statements that group the “KKK, neo-nazis, ISIS and BLM” as if they all belong in the same basket?

We see you for what you are.
We know what you’re doing.
We won’t put up with it.
You’ve been warned.


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Re: Frugal Toque’s Rant on False Equivalency
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2017, 10:00:19 AM »
In case it wasn't clear, I've cleared out this topic and locked it:

This is an early retirement forum, but people come here with axes to grind and steer conversations off topic.  We spend a lot of time, as moderators, cleaning up after them.

One direction it is not acceptable to steer a conversation: the direction named above.

You want to have that discussion?  Have it elsewhere, on some other forum, on some other part of the Internet.  I am tired of chasing down this sort of thing.