Author Topic: Distancing myself from Ramseyism.  (Read 50104 times)


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Re: Distancing myself from Ramseyism.
« Reply #250 on: August 12, 2017, 02:28:46 AM »
I love John Bogle, but index fund investing is too safe and more importantly, too slooooow and too loooong, even for a relatively high income earner. Different strokes for different folks.
It's interesting to see the large variety of risk tolerance in these forums, from the Permanent Portfolio advocates who use 50% gold and treasuries to protect against volatility, to the 80-100% equities index fund crowd, to the 50+% real-estate, crypto currency, etc. folk. I love the variety, and I hope everyone keeps posting about the ups and downs of their chosen investments.

I am the latter category with real-estates and crypto taking up 50+%. My plan is to divest crypto into safer assets. Last checked 25%+ real estates and 28%+ crypto.