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Re: Career change questions
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What about becoming an actuary?  It looks like you have the required education and math skills already.  You would just need to study and pass the exams.

***Sorry, I somehow skipped over the last couple of sentences. 
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Re: Career change questions
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you have a phd in math, private tutor?


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Re: Career change questions
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In today's world I would think someone with a PHd in mathematics would have plenty of options. Your skills would be in demand in all sorts of technical businesses.


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Re: Career change questions
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You only mention the environment? Do you also hate the work? What do you mean by "tenure race?" Why did you get a phd in math in the first place?
Are you willing to move? Is it just the publishing you hate? My math tutor has a PhD in math and she teaches people who are studying to become math teachers. She doesn't publish at all.
Software engineering might be easy to jump into. You can Google "mathematicians jobs" and see what comes up.
You could get into weather forecasting. Historians need mathematicians to make models.
At your level of credentials you have a lot of options. The issue is figuring out what exactly it is you want to do.
If you need to quit and take a few years off and you can afford to, do so. Your statement about your parents concerns me though. Maybe take time to figure out how they can get there needs met, like researching assisted living options, but it can't be your full time job to take care of them.
You sound depressed with low self esteem. I think to you should see a therapist and read some self help books. If you don't address the root of the problem you will end up in a toxic environment again.


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Re: Career change questions
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My education is a Pd.D. in Mathematics. I am employed in academics, tenured. The job was wrong for me from the start
You didn't give a lot of clues on what you would like to do.  I have a BS in mathematics and god knows I didnít want to teach or go down the path of a mathematical stats job.  However, you did state it was the environment that you are in that really hurts the most.  I would consider moving.

If you want to stay in mathematics, the Fed gov hires about 70% of the mathematician majors.  You can apply on USAjobs DOT gov.  Especially around the DC area.

If you want to change careers, I liked computers myself and got my foot in the door with IT after getting my CompTIA A+ & Sec+ exams (couple of weeks of studying & then taking the exams).  Having both of those might help get a foot in the door with an entry level IT helpdesk position.  The IT track is more hands on and learning new ideas/concepts.  Seems pretty quick to become an expert with lots of options the more experience that you obtain.