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Re: Bad roommate stories
« Reply #50 on: November 07, 2018, 07:49:36 PM »
Wow these sound horrific! Makes me thankful I've only had one bad roommate experience so far.

The worst roommate I've ever had so far was a very dirty, inconsiderate, loud and unmastachian person. The following is just a short snippet, theres more but my brain would like to forget:
- Leave cooked food on the stovetop or counter for an entire weekend or a couple of days
- Leave wet laundry in the wash for days (regularly doing this at least once a month)
- Repeatedly bought produce and let it expire and then buy the exact same things again and letting that rot too (and never actually throwing out the rotting food, I had to remind or just tell them to throw it out)
- Complained about having no money but quit their job to run their own business and took out loans for an expensive grad school/program and they never worried about expenses they "just put it on the card and worry about it later"
- Despite always worrying about their bills (rent, credit card, loans, mortgage - yes, rent and mortgage) they would spend money like water and buy only designer/luxury goods (like upgrading their leased car)
- Talked about disadvantaged background despite the fact that they grew up with a maid (who they made fun of)
- Sloppy crying drunkard (and crying to who else but me?)
- Once threw an impromptu "gathering" with music so loud the walls shook (without giving me any warning, I was already in bed falling asleep)
- Would randomly just scream/yip/yelp
- A horrible horrible singer, absolutely delusional
- A few times I've seen their bathroom (we had separate ones thank god) and it was absolutely filthy


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Re: Bad roommate stories
« Reply #51 on: November 07, 2018, 10:07:10 PM »
I fortunately don’t have much to share, not like some of these entertaining stories.

I had a housemate I dubbed “hummingbird” because he got a good half of his calories in liquid form. As in he would go through two gallons of milk a week for himself. Not just milk but milk with Quik, which is sort of sugar with a hint of chocolat in it, designed for kids. This meant he mostly only used glasses and spoons. He’d hand wash some dishes and have this collection of all of these spoons out on the counter drying on a towel.

He would bring random people home on the weekend so it was a bit amusing to see who would show up at the breakfast table. I suppose that is pretty normal though.


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Re: Bad roommate stories
« Reply #52 on: November 08, 2018, 07:36:54 AM »
I had a roomate who was a brilliant student but spent 5 of 7 days drunk then would cram the weekend before an exam and do btter than I did.  It became problematic once he started smoking crack.  We had the local dealer knock on our door looking for him one night.  Next day we helped him move out.

The next roomate was had a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology...we kicked him out after three months because we were getting $400 phone bills with 1-900-spank-me type numbers on them (this was before the interwebz).  He refused to pay them so we gave him the boot and kept some of his stuff until he paid the bill.