Author Topic: Are men's clothes made better than women's?  (Read 17951 times)


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Re: Are men's clothes made better than women's?
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I pretty much live in this dress. I have three, thinking about getting another if a good print goes on clearance.  Not really exciting, as they are from lands end, or as I call it 'Forever 42'

Thick, quality fabric. Even if it is a synthetic,  they haven't pilled in two years of wear, which usually more my problem than wearing through.  I kind of prefer the synthetic for my desk job as I don't get lap wrinkles in these, like I do in a cotton skirt/dress. I know dresses aren't for everyone and some have active jobs where they can't wear them. But for me, these dresses solved most of my work wardrobe problems. And they are stretchy enough to ride a bike in. Dressy enough for all but a suit required workplace. But don't look bad if I wear leggings and ankle boots instead of high heels and pantyhose. My holy grail dress.

Oh, yeah. They have pockets