Author Topic: Advice/relocation help needed  (Read 909 times)


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Advice/relocation help needed
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:31:36 AM »
Hello everyone,

Sorry if I get a little long, but basically I am looking for advice.
I have come to the decision that my Wife, dog and I are moving from Iowa to the golden/boulder area of CO. I will be going in April to start my own business there ( I have a partner and a business plan, don't need help on that), but what I do need help on is how to keep costs low while being in 2 states.

I own 2 properties here in Iowa, our primary residence and a rental property.
I need to be in the area in April, and my wife will stay here at her relatively low paying job until the properties sell and then join me. My struggle comes from where do I live in CO while I already have a significant amount of housing outgo in a different state?
My first 2 weeks I can likely stay with an Aunt in Aurora but 2 weeks is getting close to the max on that. At that point I will have a suitcase but need a cheap place to stay.

This is where I need your mustache ideas! I am 30 years old and, with a short Navy exception have lived within a 10 mile radius for all 30 years. I have NO idea how to do this. The goal is to keep costs for me to have a place to sleep and make food as low as humanely possible. Where I live doesn't really matter as I'll be working from home most days and when I have a job I'll be traveling all over the state.

What do you have friends? Your advice here is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Advice/relocation help needed
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2015, 07:44:22 AM »

I wouldn't try finding a place you and your wife will stay in once she comes down, since you don't know enough about the location to know where that should be. Going down there early is going to help you figure that out, what you need is flexibility and low cost. I would start with craigslist, looking for a cheap rental with a roommate to share expenses with, finalizing something during your first two weeks down there. Finding something you can rent without a lease, or at least with a very short lease, will keep your options open. And if you do have a lease make sure you look at the cost to get out of it.

Make sure you are in a low cost area, someplace with a cheap grocery store close by you can walk to. Also if you are an outdoor person look for an area you can walk out the door and enjoy nature, I can't imagine living in CO and not enjoying what nature offers. And that doesn't mean living outside of town, it can be as simple as living close to a trail that leads out of town, you just don't want to be in an area that doesn't have quick easy access to nature if that is what you are going for.

Finally, if it was me I would consider van living. It isn't for everyone, and if you need space to work it might not be possible, but something to consider. You can find a good library and get your work done there using free wifi, so a small RV or van might be just right, giving you flexibility. Just something to look into.