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Re: 2020 FIRE Cohort
« Reply #500 on: August 09, 2018, 06:36:54 PM »
Hoping to be a part of this cohort, but it seems like the finish line is moving further away as I get closer to it. Does anyone else feel that way?

Just passed 900K in various accounts, about 700k of that is in Taxable. We rent, so zero in Home Equity.
Expenses are ~45K.

Reason I say finish line is moving further away is that we are expecting our first child this December! So our expenses are gonna go up and we are going to lose my wife's income at the same time. She might go back to work eventually, but in a very limited capacity.

All of this will slow us down in terms of FIRE, and will probably push us into the 2021 cohort, but I'm still hoping to make it in 2020 with you guys!