Author Topic: [rant] teeth are the absolute worst fcuking things in the entire world  (Read 4848 times)


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I am extremely jealous of my ex's teeth. They are on the larger side and have a little spacing between them. He doesn't floss but he uses toothpicks. It's either genetic or the fact he doesn't really eat sweets, but he never has problems with his teeth. He goes to the dentist, every 10 years, and all they need to do is a light cleaning. I was there one time, and I overheard the hygenist calling over the other hygenist over to look at his teeth (he's a freak of nature).

In contrast I have to go every 6 months and even then, have gingivitis and get terrible tartar build up they have to scrape away. My sister has similar teeth to me. She avoided going to the dentist most of her adult life. She now has huge gum recession, and when started having problems (recession, tooth and jaw pain) was quoted prices of tens of thousands of dollars to try to save her teeth. They refuse to fix individual teeth unless she agrees to a payment plan to fix all of them, so she just takes ibuprofen when it hurts a lot. Maybe she should go on a trip to get dental care?

If her teeth problems are as bad as they sound, she needs to get that fixed yesterday. If all, or significant portions, of her mouth are messed up, fixing "one tooth" is not going to do anything and will likely cause more problems. She might be at the stage where she needs implants/bridges.

Dental tourism is not a bad way to get things done. Do your research, pick a good doctor, and you will be fine.


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That's what I was afraid of. Unfortunately neither she, nor really anyone in our family has spare 10-20K lying around to do that. I think she needs to get used to the idea of dentures.


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My wife is a dentist so I can give an insiders perspective.

Some people travel to SE Asia or other places to get their major work done like cosmetic dentistry to save a bunch of money. This is most definitely a bad idea and usually they have to get everything re done in a short amount of time for double or triple the cost, and can cause major problems.
Like all medical procedures stick to 1st world countries.
Maybe you are biased as you only hear from your wife stories when things gone wrong.
We've done a lot of dental work in Thailand over the years and I certainly didn't need anything redone.
For any emergency we obviously go to local dentists and they've always commented that oversees work was excellent .

I went to the Dominican Republic to get veneers after the original ones I got in the US started falling apart (my orthodontist as a child had alzeheimers and I had braces for over 4 years because he didn't remember how long they were on, and it left stains on my teeth where the glue was).  That was in 2011 and they still look great!  I did a lot of research before choosing which country and which doctor though--Doctor Freddy Lepe if anyone is considering some dental tourism.


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When I was 55 I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Within 5 years I lost all my teeth due to excessive dry mouth. The doctor never warned me or I could have put a special mix on my teeth to help with this. My teeth rotted from the inside out and all came loose despite going to the dentist every 3 months. By the time they figured out what was happening it was too late. Dentures were miserable. I went through 2 sets.  The top fits better because it does suction to your roof of your mouth but the bottom hops around when you talk, etc. However, many of your taste buds are on the roof of your mouth so food is hard to taste although you do have some on your tongue.  You can't tell if food is too hot until you have burned yourself.  I finally had an implant supported bridge called 4 on 4 on the bottom for 33k. Since the top denture fit better then the bottom I went with this. Did not do the top as it was 38k.  Then found a dentist in KS where dental care is much cheaper to do a snap in denture for 11k. This eliminated the part over the roof of your mouthand is much more stable.  However, 2 of the 6 implants failed so now will pay a local guy to do 2 more to the tune of 5k.   also can only chew small pieces of food and mostly have to cut my sandwiches up with a knife and fork. I can't eat anything super hard. It takes me forever to eat when I used to be a fast eater. Good times:((