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Help to Save
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:04:49 AM »
This went under my radar for too long, so thought would share with everyone here. Essentially it is a government scheme that is hopelessly targeted at the wrong people. If you get:


entitled to Working Tax Credit and receiving Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit payments
claiming Universal Credit and your household income in your last monthly assessment period was 542.88 or more

 Then you can open a Help to save (and your spouse too). You can then put up to 50 into it a month. Two years later, the government will give you 50% bonus on top of whatever you save. In short:  You save a total of 2400 between you and your spouse, in two years you get a free 1200 !

 Quite how this is supposed to help the poorest who almost certainly would be better off paying their debts I don't know, but it's awesome for mustachians ! Link to it here: