Author Topic: Teach Yourself a New Skill!  (Read 1304 times)


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Teach Yourself a New Skill!
« on: February 13, 2017, 01:44:59 PM »
I've been considering a career change, but the jobs that seem interesting all require skills that I don't yet have!  Specifically, I'm interested in Augmented Reality, but the field is so new, I think it's ripe for development.

My interest hasn't yet let me to take the necessary steps of actually trying to teach myself anything, but I'm hoping this post can motivate me to make some progress.

So, whether you're interested in learning about:
 - Trying to get into writing, and hope to publish a novel.
 - Framing out & finishing your basement
 - Restoring a classic car
 - Learning how to code
 - Or anything else!

Join me in a movement of self-education to better ourselves!

This is my goal:
 - Learn to develop in Augmented Reality and/or Virtual Reality
 - Eventually find a career using those skills.

Steps to attain this goal:
 - Learn Unity Basic
  -  Create Basic Environments to learn the program. (No AR/VR Hardware required)
  - Learn Blender for Modeling
  -  Create simple 3D Models
 - Buy AR/VR Hardware (Hololens, Other)
 - Learn Unity AR/VR Development Kit
  -  Create an AR/VR Environment
 - Import models into an AR or VR Environment
 - Build a Portfolio of AR/VR Animations
 - Get Into One of the Following Careers:
    -  AR/VR Construction Design
    -  AR/VR Educational
    -  AR/VR Game Developers
    -  Other / Unknown at this time
    -  Start my Own Business (Stretch Goal)

How to track something like this?  I'm going to make it a goal of spending 5-10 hrs per week working in Unity to start.  We'll go from there!
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Re: Teach Yourself a New Skill!
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2017, 07:14:50 PM »
How is your progress coming?!