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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1750 on: July 10, 2017, 07:26:02 AM »
Two weeks late on my updates ha

You guys are all doing awesome!
Elaine amj: How are you figuring your trend weight? Apologies if you explained it earlier!

6/5: 147
6/13: 145 lbs
6/19: 143 lbs
6/26: 141 lbs

7/3: 140 lbs
7/10: 139 lbs

I bit the bullet and joined a gym to get the last few lbs off and to tone up. I'm going 4x/week at 5am. I have no motivation by the time evening rolls around and so if i'm going to do it I just need to do it in the morning. I'm interested to see if my weight plateaus because of added muscle.


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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1751 on: July 10, 2017, 09:56:16 AM »
Week1: -3
Week2: -5
Week3: -6
Week4: -7
Week5: -9
Week6: -11
week10: -15


A few good weeks, and I hit 15% bodyweight lost!
I bit the bullet and have been exercising on the treadmill indoors.  It's getting easier with time and at least I can watch Netflix.  It's a harder workout on the incline than outdoors so I'm done faster.  About 8 weeks until the weather lets me back outside.  I want to lose another 17 pounds so I might be at maintenance by then.

Even though I'm pushing through, I'm feeling diet fatigue.  I'm worried that I won't be able to maintain any more weight lost so why bother? But I'd like to try, at least.  If I bounce up 5-10 pounds, it's better to bounce from a lower weight.


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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1752 on: July 10, 2017, 10:33:42 AM »

First Tuesday of the month check in (backposting from the beginning of the month). :

January 4: 153.0
February 1: 147.2
March 7: 140.2
April 4: 135.8
May 2: 134.8
June 7: 133.0
July 5: 132.2
August 2: 130.2
September 6: 128.8
October 4: 124.6
November 1: 124.6
December 6: 123.4

January 3: 127.8
February 7: 122.8
March 7: 123.0
April 4: 123.0
May 2: 122.6
June 6: 129.4
July 3: 131.0

Yuck. Need to head in the other direction. I give myself a C+ for my eating/tracking right now. I'm not being great about it, but I'm not completely off the rails either. Onward!

elaine amj

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Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1753 on: July 10, 2017, 11:47:45 PM »
@Crystal I like TrendWeight because I can login from my desktop or my phone. I manually input my weight every day on a fitbit app/website which I sync with TrendWeight (and My Fitness Pal). Then trendweight just does the math :)

@rockstache Noooooo...u can do this!! U are my inspiration and we are all totally rooting for you!!

I have to say, I have surprised myself for the past 2 days. I am currently spending time visiting a bunch of cool places, including very cool restaurants for work.This means I have the opportunity to eat a lot of very good (and free) food. I am enjoying myself and not restricting - but am actually not eating anywhere near as much as I expected.

Today I had
Breakfast - matcha muffin, cookie, iced caramel macchiato
Lunch - grilled calamari (I turned down the entree)
Snack - smoothie
Dinner - half dozen fried calamari, beef short rib with potatoes, white chocolate bark and half a small slice of key lime cheesecake (just because I felt like I had enough).

So a lot of food but I shocked myself because I usually gorge myself at these things. I was content when I had enough and didn't feel the urge to eat more just because I could. That was seriously cool.

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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1754 on: July 11, 2017, 07:41:59 AM »
Friday Weigh-In:

Start Date: Feb 24: 155.4 lbs
March 3:    154 lbs   
March 10: 151.6
March 17: 150.6
March 24: 150.2
April 3: 149.4
April 7: 148.2
April 14: 147.8
April 21: 147.2
April 28: 147.2
May 8: 143.8
May 13: 145
May 25: 144
June 2: 143.8
June 9: 143.6
June 16: 142.8
June 30: 144.6
July 11: 146.8

Sad Trombone Sound! My in-laws decided to splurge on food while we were at their house instead of the usual healthy food. My FIL made decadent meals w/coordinating cocktails and a new dessert every. single. day.

This week will be about intense concentration for me- I'm travelling for work for a couple of days and then next week I'm taking a mini trip with my mom (the focus of which was supposed to be food!).  I will be relying on my work travel recipe for success: Soup, salad, Sashimi and I cannot stray!

@rockstache - I know that feeling of weight creeping back up is frustrating, but also look at your start weight. You are still doing fantastically and we all know that you can do this!

@runrooster - you are doing wonderfully!

@izybat- I'm doing the uber frugal month challenge too (though I haven't actually posted in the thread). DH and I just made a commitment to buy no more drinks (DH loves a manhattan a few nights a week while he works on lesson plans and I love Pimms in the summer.)

Congrats to everyone else who is kicking butt and welcome to the new folks to the thread.


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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1755 on: July 12, 2017, 05:07:29 PM »
Starbright I'm so sorry to admit that I laughed at your "sad trombone sound," right out loud. Thanks for your encouragement, you're so right, I have come a long way and I'm not giving up! 122.8 I'm coming for you again!! You're doing really well too. If someone made me a meal with matching cocktail and dessert, I promise you I would have put on more than 2 lbs!!

Thanks Elaine amj....I think it's time for you to be the inspiration. Your activity level is something I can only dream about! I love hearing that you are eating what you want to without overdoing it, great job!

elaine amj

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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1756 on: July 15, 2017, 06:54:35 AM »
Friday weigh-in:

Jan 1: 139.6 lbs...Jan 6: 137.8 lbs....Jan 13: 139.2 lbs...Jan 20: 138 lbs.....Jan 27: 139.2 lbs
Feb 3: 138.6 lbs...Feb 10: 142 lbs.....Feb 17: 141.2 lbs...Feb 23: 140.4 lbs
Mar 3: 140.2 lbs...Mar 13: 144.6 lbs..Mar 16: 143.8 lbs...Mar 23: 140.8 lbs..Mar 30: 141.2 lbs
Apr 7: 139.2 lbs...Apr 14: 139.2 lbs..Apr 21: 138.4 lbs...Apr 28: 139.6 lbs
May 5: 136.6 lbs..May 12: 135 lbs....May 19: 135.7 lbs...May 26: 135.8 lbs
Jun 2: 135.4 lbs...June 9: 134 lbs.....Jun 16: 131.8 lbs...June 23: 132 lbs.....June 30: 130.8 lbs
July 7: 130.8 lbs...July 12: 129.2 lbs

Start weight: 139.6 lbs
Weight lost: 10.4 lbs
Goal weight: 130 lbs

Well, getting food poisoning/stomach flu wasn't a recommended way to lose weight. Been sick since Tuesday. It's now Saturday and am still not 100%. Barely ate any food from Tuesday to Thursday. On Friday I finally felt hungry and ate enthusiastically. But have had stomach issues after each meal :( Think I am going to eat extremely lightly today (ie maybe a few pieces of dry toast at various times).

I weighed in on Wednesday last and was 129.2. Likely am lighter by now (Saturday) considering how little food I have eaten.

Looking for every silver lining possible. It was my birthday this week PLUS I'm tent camping with my favourite friends in my favourite Ontario park. Sucks to be sick. Oh well, we are still having fun :) And after we say goodbye to our friends on Sunday, we drive on to cottage country for a week in a beautiful cottage on a riverbank.

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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1757 on: July 15, 2017, 11:53:00 AM »
My mind is finally back on track. I tracked everything I ate this week (well, 95% of it anyway), and I managed to lose 3.8 lbs! That's awesome considering I had regained close to 12 lbs in the last six weeks. It's super nice to be going in the right direction again.


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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1758 on: July 15, 2017, 02:56:02 PM »
Aww Elaine amj! I was just gearing up to throw you a celebratory post about getting under your goal when I read the rest of it. Sick on your birthday is no fun - I'm really sorry.

I think you should get better as soon as you can and then eat cake.

elaine amj

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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1759 on: July 16, 2017, 12:42:42 AM »
@izybat Yayyyy That is soo awesome!! I know exactly what it is like to pile on weight so quickly and then struggle to lose it again.

@rockstache Ooooo...I want cake in my future. Going to have to hunt down a decadent bakery next week. If that fails (we'll be deep in cottage country), I already have plans to have cake with my coworkers when I am back in the office week after next.

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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1760 on: July 17, 2017, 07:11:29 AM »
Longish time without a post.
I am hovering around 132. 
I think things are kind of settling into a routine so I can attempt a wider variety of improvements.

Eating a great variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.  Gardens are producing heaps of fresh produce so having salads almost every day - and holding the cheese and dressing.
Really doing well at minimizing soft drinks, snacking and alcoholic beverages.  My soda stream is my friend - lime juice, a sprig of mint with the tiniest amount of sugar in the bubbly water seems to be just as tasty as a cold.  Also making the odd unsweetened iced tea.

I am also working a way at my landscaping project.  I am trying to get in two hours three days a week.  It is really slow going but I do make progress, get really sweaty but haven't hurt myself.  It is more of a workout thing that may (in two years) result in a garden at the back.  Mosquitoes are brutal and two hours seems like an eternity.  I may have to increase the time once I get the prep done.  But two hours gets a trench done for a drain line or some other step done so I don't feel so overwhelmed.

ElaineMJ:  when recovering from food poisoning give you tum time to heal - lots of clear liquids to keep you hydrated.

And bravo to everyone keeping on their tracks.

Seeing the possibilities


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Re: Losing Weight in 2016
« Reply #1761 on: July 17, 2017, 07:51:02 AM »

Weekly-ish Weigh-In:

Start weight: 155.4     Current weight: 143.8

Start Date: Feb 24: 155.4 lbs, March 3: 154 lbs,    March 10: 151.6, March 17: 150.6,  March 24: 150.2
April 3: 149.4, April 7: 148.2, April 14: 147.8, April 21: 147.2, April 28: 147.2
May 8: 143, May 13: 145, May 25: 144
June 2: 143.8, June 9: 143.6, June 16: 142.8, June 30: 144.6
July 11: 146.8
July 17: 143.8

I ate super "clean" all last week and banished the vacation water weight. I also stuck to my plan of eating salads for my work trip last week - yay!

Next hurdle - 3 day minibreak with my mom. We're heading to Mackinac and had plans to taste test fudge from every single shop on the island. My new plan is keep the planned fudge tasting but also do one bike loop around the island for every fudge shop we hit (the loop is 8 miles) so that should keep me in check.

Our garden is starting to produce more than the odd snack so we had a lovely beet green quiche yesterday and today will be homemade pesto tossed with the first of our greenbeans and a few potatoes (and a chicken sausage on the side for protein). This is our first time gardening in the upperish mid-west and all of the food is coming about a month later than it used to in North Carolina. I can't wait to live on tomato sandwiches in a week or two.

@elainemj- hope you feel better!

@frugal lizard - that sounds like quite the landscaping project! Good for you, I would have given up once the mosquitoes hit.

@rockstache - I sort of would love a scale that makes a sad trombone noise when I gain weight. Maybe the sound of an angelic choir when I lose? I wouldn't even need to look at the numbers.