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Finish Projects in 2018
« on: December 31, 2017, 08:22:19 AM »
Do you have a list of projects that are half-finished, or projects that you keep meaning to start?  Does that list keep getting longer instead of shorter?  Let's get together and encourage each other to finish those projects that just keep hanging around!

For myself, I'm setting a loose rule that I'm not allowed to add a new project to my list until I've finished two old ones.  Gotta get that list shorter!  Cooking related projects will be exempt, since I would be cooking one way or the other.  Feel free to set your own personal rules as well.

Current Project List:
0. Plan wedding
1. Finish repairing a blanket I took apart
2. Hem pants
3. Repair shirt seam that ripped
4. Repair dress seam that ripped
5. Resew skirt to improve fit
6. Make sporran
7. Make soap
8. Clear reading list

I'm planning on monthly-ish updates to the list, maybe more if I get a burst of productivity.  Who's in to tackle the project list this year?
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