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Re: BBB: Do that Boring Buck-saving Busywork!
« Reply #100 on: February 07, 2023, 09:18:50 PM »
I applied for and was approved for Medicare. I then completed the necessary paperwork and turned it in to my husband's former employer so we can be on their retiree health program. I really struggled with this. When I was 21, I had a rare cancer that had a "propensity to recur". I am so happy to have grown old enough to qualify for Medicare with no recurrence, but it still felt weird.
You're not going to believe this: Apparently I may have some retirement benefits* due to me from a previous employer. IIRC, I wasn't there long enough to be fully vested and I rolled over my 401k when I separated. However, by applying for Medicare, it triggered something and I just received a notice that I have an account valued at $12,410 with the previous employer, payable in a lump sum. Not going to hold my breath, but dang, wouldn't that be something? We shall see.

*Specifically "401k Profit Sharing Plan"
Former employer called back and said  the account in question has a zero balance. Whomp, whomp. I was expecting this answer, because past me would never have lost track of that much money. When I get home, I'll dig into the archives. I suspect the amount refers to the unvested portion of my account, which I knew I was leaving behind. Shrug.

Disappointed in the administrator set up that false flag.
It's Medicare, I was expecting something along these lines. Their capacity to disappoint is limitless, no doubt. I'll dig through some old files when I get home. (Psst: Mr. Dicey and I spent the day exploring Joshua Tree - amazeballs!)