Author Topic: 2018 Badassity Resolutions  (Read 6822 times)


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Re: 2018 Badassity Resolutions
« Reply #50 on: January 05, 2018, 12:40:21 PM »

  • FIRE, both of us, in May, no matter what.
  • $24,000 in 401Ks.
  • Explore 401K via our real estate investment company.
  • Refurbish rental #3 and rent it.
  • Refurbish flip #1 and sell it.
  • Find cheap health insurance.
  • Total spend, not counting refurbishing property, <$75,000.

  • Bicycle to work 3 days a week once the weather warms.
  • Bicycle 7 miles, 4 days a week, once FIRED.
  • Walk 3 miles, 3 days a week, once FIRED.
  • Lose 40 lbs.

Mind and Heart:
  • Master silver-soldering for jewelry making.
  • Master fusing of enamel to meta.
  • Master polishing enamel.
  • Design 3 product lines of metalwork items.
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Re: 2018 Badassity Resolutions
« Reply #51 on: January 17, 2018, 03:32:06 PM »
Revisiting the Resolutions

Life Ownership
-daily meditation practice (track with Insight Timer App)--so far, so good. 17 days straight
-household “no-shopping” year --also on track with this, had to buy a safety air cartridge, but agreed that was a necessary purchase
-practice art/drawing 3x/wk--thanks to this resolution, I am spending more time consistently in my little studio, feels great (albeit slow progress)

-track spending (in day planner & highlight no-spend days)--we actually found an app to use & so far I've had 10 no spend days
-build a $10,000 EF --at $2000
-contribute $5000=RRSP (increase amount as possible)--will start this after contributing more to my '17 fund, which I've put $3000 into

-walk/run 3x/wk (track with Insight Timer App)--yes, sortof. More like 2x big walks/wk, approx 1-2hrs
-winter: ski 2-3x/wk (already have a pass)--averaging 2-3 days/wk & a storm blowing in
-aim for 90% veggie/vegan--yup, on track

-1-2 longer canoe trips--we have picked one that we plan to do in the late spring
-weekly hikes during the summer
-complete AST1 (Avalanche Safety Training), minimum 3 ski touring trips--taking AST1 course this weekend, 1 touring trip planned with friends Feb1-2


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Re: 2018 Badassity Resolutions
« Reply #52 on: January 23, 2018, 12:47:28 PM »
Progress Update
'tis the season to plan 2018 Badass Mustachian Muscle Building. I am trying some of these now and plan to hit'em heavy Jan 1. OK ok, Jan 2. I'm stoked, been doing these off&on for a while, but inconsistently.

Life Ownership
- up 5.30am vs 6.15 this was an arbitrary aggressive number without much thought put into it. I did it a couple times and went back to 6.10, which gives me time to get the morning routine done and into work at a perfect time 
- weights, stretching, cardio minimum 5 days a week instead of 4 done
- turn off phone wifi. Use by exception only. done. this is GREAT. FYI we also do not have data plan on the phone, so the majority of the time it is a dumb phone/camera/memory stick
- Intentional discomfort: 36hr fast 1/week. Swim minimum 2/week (pool gets into the 40's in the winter, brisk!). Stop using pillows. Fasting: check. This is awesome. Swim: check. Pillows: down to 1. if I lie flat I drown in my own snot (not nice)

- End stock picking. Many hours, 2% marginal gain over S&P index done
- Close separate brokerage account & roll into Vanguard in process. Looks like it'll cost money to close the account, which sucks.

Food & Bev
- Scale back pizza&beer to 1 cheat day per week done, this is awesome especially because today is CHEAT DAY
- 6 days a week: veg, meat, fruit, water Cut carbs  80-90% and living on veg, meat, fruit, dairy products. Feel great and slowly loosing the midsection
- scale back to 1 cup coffee/day (currently 2-4)about 80% compliance; never more than 2 cups

- focus harder on 2nd language (Portuguese) not started
- learn a dam’ instrument even if it's a rubber band bought a harmonica
- No more reading brain sugar. Good stuff only. done. Darwin's House of Cards is currently on the Kindle. Human Smoke next.
- learn how to heel/toe smoothly (driving skill) not started
- build a set of bike wheels not started

- weights, stretching with the kids minimum 3 days/week adjusted to 2/week, DW teaches a family yoga/stretch/tai chi class for an hour. 3/week was a bit much
- compliment DW more frequently (she LOVES this and I forget) sporadically
- Teach gun use/safety to MMM's age 8+ minimum 2/month gun class every 2 weeks. they love this

1 DW, 7 MiniMMMs, 1 'stache, many bicycles.

Off the Wheel

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Re: 2018 Badassity Resolutions
« Reply #53 on: February 08, 2018, 11:46:23 PM »
February check in!

Leave work at work. Only work on my time if I need to - max 3x/week. -- YES! Finally got a work laptop.
In bed by 11. -- YEP!
Read 52 books in 2018. Let go of the judgment around what kind of books. -- YES! Currently 13 down.
Practice daily gratitude with the gratitude list I've had going for years. -- 50/50. Need to be more diligent.
Tell or show someone I appreciate them every day. -- Need to work on this.
Build up crafting skills. Always have one creative project on the go. -- YES! Batch of soap curing. Scarf in process.

Work out 3x/week. -- YES! Doing pretty good here, despite getting the flu.
Get into nature 1x/week. -- NO. :( Need to make this a priority.
Meditate 3x/week. -- NO. Need to create the time.
Go to an AA meeting 1x/week. (Long time recovery makes it harder to make this a priority. -- Went to one so far this year... :S
Only eat junk/high sugar food when it's made with love (no more processed crap.) -- NO. Definitely eating too much chocolate.

Save $4K/month. -- Will hopefully average up to that. Currently around $3100-$3500.
Pay off credit card without fail every month. -- YES.
Max out RRSP and TFSA. -- On track.
Make plan to (and sell?) sell second property. -- Won't happen in 2018.

Secure at least one professional speaking engagement. -- Got the offer! Free trip to NYC if I can get the boss to approve.
Take on a volunteering or mentorship opportunity. -- Still to do.

Catch up with core friends at least monthly. -- Making more of an effort here.
Invest time in new relationships. -- In progress.
Talk to distant friends and family at least monthly. -- In progress.
Weekly date night with DH. -- Need to refocus.
Get pregnant. :D -- In progress. ;)


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Re: 2018 Badassity Resolutions
« Reply #54 on: February 09, 2018, 01:40:55 AM »
-Improve financial management.  Three key areas: track spending/budget, get on top of the rental income/expenses, minimize taxes. In progress. Spending will be weird this month bc of travels, taxes are on hold bc of it, latest problem rental almost finished so we can focus on bigger picture.

-Quality time with DH (date night/conversations/etc). On track
-Build/Rebuild my network (old friends/old coworkers/new people/etc) on track/in progress. Hosting visitors, lunch with new possible friend with follow up set, reached out to try to plan visit with out of town friend, need to send sympathy cards to a couple others, need to reach out to new neighbors.

-Foreign language (Portuguese). Erg

-Try 1+ side hustle ideas double erg. Having to focus on existing, side business now and some issues with rentals. I have at least been talking about some things i'd like to try with others to get some feedback

-(Re)define me (make sure where I am spending my time reflects who I am/want to be). On track. Have been prioritizing my activities, but less so in learnings.

-Plan/seek out more activities/growth/learning for after school/weekends. Found a great option for one kid, just waiting to start....probably Monday

-Do one hike/bike to camp with kids during the year (training for longer term trip). Currently hosting a bike traveling family and getting to see what it's like for them, how they've managed. Fascinated.

Health: have been doing the work on this (diet, stretching and workouts....results not on scale yet, flexibility might be improving as some things don't seem to hurt as much.
-Get body fat down (estimating 16%)
-Improve flexibility (shoulder, hips focus)


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Re: 2018 Badassity Resolutions
« Reply #55 on: February 09, 2018, 12:08:37 PM »
Progress update - meant to do this at the end of Jan but it looks like I forgot;

Life ownership:
• Wake up at 6AM - Been getting up earlier but more like 6:30, not quite able to do 6am but getting better.
• Do dishes as they get dirty - Very good at this one. Only left them overnight a couple times (ok maybe 3-4)
• Don't look at social media first thing in the morning - Doing really good with this one. Only failed 1-2 times and it was on the weekend when I didn't need to get up and go to work.
• Continue to Donate/Sell one thing per day of the year. - Dropped off a box of 31 items in January and have a box of at least 28 items for this month ready to go.

• Get back into running and yoga. 2x a week for each - Terrible - Ran once and did yoga once this year!!!
• No added sugar for Jan-Feb. - only lasted a couple weeks :'( may try again in April and do this as a quarterly challenge or something.
• Take my vitamins - I take vitamins in the morning and evening. In Jan I was really good about the morning ones but not so much with the evening. Feb I have taken both everyday so far!

• Pay off all remaining Consumer Debt - $4,800 remaining should be knocked down to $3,500 at the end of the month
• Pay off $10,000 in Student Loans - Paid off $1,200 so far this year
• Get 401K contributions up to 25% by year end - currently focusing on Credit Cards so this wont go up until the second half of the year.
• Have 120 no spend days (10 per month) - 10 so far this year

• Read at least 2 books a month - Read 5 books so far this year
• Complete the French Module in Doulingo - half way done
• Complete Excel course to get certification - Have not been working on this, working two jobs and not really feeling like getting on the computer more than necessary but I do have to finish this before the course expires.
• Practice the flute 10 mins a day - practiced the first week or two in January and haven't picked it up again.

• Mediate to reduce stress (so I don't take it out on DH, also a Health goal) - been off an on with this. 6 times in Jan and so far 3 this month
• Getting together with friends (at least) once a month. - went out with DHs friends in January who I hadn't met before. Very nice time. Went out for Trivia this month with my friends but also want to try and go out with another couple of DHs friends.

Jim Fiction

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Re: 2018 Badassity Resolutions
« Reply #56 on: February 18, 2018, 03:50:56 PM »
Progress update. As expected tax season has taken a toll on my goals with a mixed bag of successes and failures. Fortunately the financial ones are mostly on track.

Get serious about the CPA Exam, embrace the hardship! Busy season, precious little time
Start and keep up with bullet journal Did not wind up starting this, have been better with organization overall though, so that is a plus
Less time on phone, particularly in the morning Ebbs and flows, but overall improvement
Wake up at 5 AM every weekday, 7AM every weekend (Get a pass on Sundays during Tax Season) Nope
Prevent procrastination, take action immediately I'm putting off preparing a tax return to post in this thread

Keep track of every expense in 2018 I've been bad with recording my exact gas purchases, but I used guesstimates so am probably pretty close. It helps now that I am using my card now due to a 5% bonus point promotion
Reduce food & beverage expenses in 2018 Been good except for beer
Avoid "hobby" traps Beer has been an issue
Increase net worth (despite impending baby) So far so good
Ebay at least $1,000 worth of stuff by end of year Have a few piles of stuff waiting to be listed
Max out HSA again Plotted on and on pace
Determine best course of action on Student Loans Determined to pay off this year
Increase 401K contributions to 18% by year end (15% at YE 17) Already bumped to 16%

CPA!!!!!!!!!! On hold for tax season

Support Mrs. Fiction as she prepares for the birth of our first child She says I'm doing a good job
Have a conversation with core friends at least 1x a month Been texting more, should still make an effort to call
Have "difficult" conversations with parents after tax season

Maintain 2x a week at gym during Tax Season nope
Increase HDL levels by next physical probably not on track (see gym goal directly above)
Increase to at least 3x a week at gym outside of Tax Season We'll see
Lose (and keep off) at least 20 lbs holding steady
Find a Dentist closer to home not done
Figure out abdominal Issue Have a referral to a surgeon for a consult, just need to schedule an appointment
Meditate at least once per week for 10-15 mins did it once so far
Find an Optometrist closer to home not done