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Self-Directed IRA
« on: October 09, 2018, 10:26:19 AM »
Just trying to get an understanding and basic strategy for doing this with a business.
-Unrelated Business Income Tax
-who are the people that can be involved
-What involvement can 'I' have; my wife?

My personal idea of what would work; build up a business for a few years, and get everything on auto pilot(employees) then set up a company with several other friends or extended familyand I, through my SD IRA, sell part or a subdivision of that business to the new companywhich is partly owned by my SD IRA. Move staff to new company, which is partly owned by my SD IRA.
This article is a little confusing, it makes it sound as though you cannot have more than a 50% interest in a company, which is owned partly by ones SD IRA, so someone else can fire you. Ideally, there would just be a manager and I would be the one firing them or hiring a new managerfor the company that is partly owned by my SD IRA. Can you, the self-directed ira holder, be on a board or someother decision maker(so long as you are not a paid employee)?

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