Author Topic: Negative effective tax rate?  (Read 430 times)


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Negative effective tax rate?
« on: September 24, 2017, 02:29:28 PM »
I am trying to learn more about how taxes work and tax optimization strategies. Slowly but surely, I am figuring out how the various numbers impact each other and my bottom line. I am expecting a windfall in 2017 from the sale of some land, and in preparation for that, my husband and I are maxing as many tax-deferred accounts as possible. I was playing around with some projected numbers in Turbo Tax (2016) today, and wound up with a negative effective tax rate even though it looks like we will pay $930 in Federal Taxes. Can someone explain how this is possible/what it means? Also, is there a resource you can recommend to learn more about how taxes work so that I can learn to make them work in our favor?


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Re: Negative effective tax rate?
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