Author Topic: Mail audit followed by no further communications. How do I talk to an agent?  (Read 284 times)


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In May 6, I got a letter in the mail explaining that the IRS was checking the validity of what I put on my taxes--okay, fair, that was the first time I've done them myself; there were probably mistakes. As normal, it mentioned that it may send followup requests for information, and to wait for up to 60 days before contacting the IRS. It's been over 60 days now, I haven't received any further IRS letters, and calls to the IRS directly are intercepted by an unhelpful automated phone system. My tax return status is still being processed, and it's starting to look like I fell through the cracks in the bureaucracy. What do I do in order to talk to a person/figure out what's going on with my tax return?


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Unfortunately I don't have any advice for contacting the IRS. I am curious by what means did you file your taxes? You mentioned you did them yourself for the first time.


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The IRS takes a long time to respond. I wouldn't worry about it. They'll get to you. Eventually.

Do pay attention to any follow-up letters you get. At some point, if collection activities start, you may need to call them, explain you have responded, and ask them to pause the computer-based harassment.