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France - "assurance de vie"
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:11:55 AM »
We are looking at moving to France and trying to calculate how this will impact our FIRE calculations

The most effective investment option I have found appears to be the "assurance de vie"

a) lets funds grow within the wrapper free from CGT/Income Tax
b) When withdrawing funds you can offset this against your initial capital injection tax free
c) When withdrawing after 4 years you are taxed 15% on gains
d) When withdrawing after 8 years you are taxed 7.5% on gains
e) Does not fall under the default French succession laws

I'm struggling with translating some of the French but would like to hear if anyone has used these life insurance products before and highlight some of pitfalls I may be missing?


Using google translate I found some life products which allow you to select from a number of ETF trackers but not entirely clear on the fee structure

There appears to be a tracker fee of 0.1% in addition to a management fee of 0.5%

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