Author Topic: Well damn, I'm a millionaire.  (Read 21820 times)


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Re: Well damn, I'm a millionaire.
« Reply #50 on: September 30, 2018, 09:44:06 AM »
Congrats, @skyrefuge!

Give us another update sometime.  Third million, first child, The Day of Leaving Work, whatev.   :)


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Re: Well damn, I'm a millionaire.
« Reply #51 on: September 30, 2018, 11:52:18 AM »
Wow Congrats man! Hope you are getting a prenup. Getting married is a risky thing when you have all that money.

You started working as an engineer at age 21? Nice! I am also an engineer, late 20's, and just recently started working. I got a masters degree and I am glad I did it, but sometimes I look at some of my older friends, and they all have like over five years of experience under their belt already, and I'm like "man, I am running behind!"

Well - duh - you started five years later:)! SO WHAT? - It's your time now to make hay while the sun shines - enjoy the hell out of it!

... and take it from an old lady - do not discount what the right woman can bring into your life and do not underestimate that anyone, incl. a woman:) can change their lives and turn their finances around big time with a bit of encouragement - but never with a BF who operates under the assumption that a marriage is risky business for his finances.
A team with the same goal and mutual encouragement is the key to financial happiness - but unfortunately, that is only part of the equation of a happy marriage.

OP - CONGRATULATIONS! on the upcoming nuptials and the finances.