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Updated Success at 30
« on: April 06, 2018, 09:35:41 AM »
So I just turned 30 in March - later than some when it comes to changing careers for the better - but I'm very happy with my decision.
The last I posted was January regarding the changes I had made to my personal life. I realized I was spending hundreds of mula ($$$) at Starbucks for daily coffees and eating out often...each month...not year. I also accumulated $9000K in credit card debt since starting Nursing School in 2016.

I know. I'm an asshat.

Since reading success of Mr. Money Mustache and other's who follow, I cut down significantly on my spending and successfully altered my path towards my new career, my health and fitness, and ultimately my financial freedom. Career change and going through college a second time made no sense if I didn't change my habits. Drinking starbucks coffee daily and eating out for lunches and dinners didn't help my pockets nor my health. I was actually labelled "overweight". Ouch, fool. That stings.

So here are the updates:

Credit Card Debt:  Remaining  $5817.32   
         Not down much from the $6000 I got it to back in January. Since my school's semester kicked in full gear,  I was no longer able
         to keep up with working the overtime, acquiring holiday pay, etc...But I'm still making progress slowly. I don't use them anymore.
         I only use cash. I basically gave myself an allowance like a 12 year old little girl. Who needs their trash taken out?

Tuition: $0
         I landed a grant and a scholarship that covers my remaining summer (May - August) classes. In Jan, I dropped my tuition from
         $1300 to $890 and now 0 through careful and painful scholarship and grant searching and collaboration with my student advisors.

I quit my job.
         Shocking, ya? Actually, it's because I landed a paid intership at a local and well-known Level 1 trauma hospital in a surgical unit.
         This meant I took a 50% paycut to benefit my future career once I graduate as a registered nurse in the next few short months.
         My previous career had nothing to do with my goals anymore.

I still don't have a car!
         Live in suburbs.  I walk to places 90% of the time except my clinical sites since they can range anywhere from 25 to 100 miles
         ONE WAY. Yikes. For this, I simply borrowed a car from my boyfriend and paid for the use, gas, and maintenance of that day.
         This was cheaper than paying over $500 a month in car expenses (Insurance, gas, maintenance, tolls, etc)
         Recieved clinical assignment for next 2 rotations and I'll be LOCAL! HUZZAH! The hospital is only 3 miles from my house.
         I believe I shall be walking/run commuting now. <3

Health and Fitness:
         Competed in my first-ever powerlifting meet at 30.
         Before I cut the junk and starting eating right: Squat/Bench/Deadlift 1 rep maxes: 185 lbs / 75lbs / 225 lb
         AFTER I cut the junk and started eating right:  Squat/Bench/Deadlift 1 rep Maxes - Competition 280 lbs/110lbs/315 lbs
         (women like to lift heavy too!) - Its amazing what you can do if you don't eat like total shit and focus on real training.
         Old Body weight: 154 lbs (BMI 26.4)
         Current weight this morning 140.8 (BMI 24.2)

Mostly posting to keep myself accountable and pushing forward. The credit cards are still my challenge but progress is certainly being made as time goes. My goal is to pay them off an additional 40% by the time I graudate now that my tuition is covered.

I'm certainly interested in hearing more of other people's success. So I'm off to read through more bad-ass work-of-art from everyone.

Nurse Nash 


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Re: Updated Success at 30
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2018, 03:14:28 PM »
You go Nurse Nash - awesome stuff!!!!!!!!

P.S. After eyeing your recent one rep maxes, please do not ever face punch me.  Thanks!