Author Topic: Twin Cities mustachians -- Gander Outdoors is closing, and everything is 70% off  (Read 1328 times)


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So, this is not normally something I'd share, as I'm not a big deal hound or a big shopper. But:

Gander Outdoors in Eden Prairie is closing, as are a bunch of Gander Outdoors stores in the Midwest. The Eden Prairie store is apparently the one where the other stores are sending their inventory to be sold off. Everything in the store (primarily clothing) is 70% off.

My husband and I spent $75 there yesterday. He got 2 pairs of pants and 2 shorts. I got a pair of pants and four button down shirts. All very good quality. One of the items was $25. Everything else was $7 or less.

The pants that I got for $6 fit so well and are so flattering that I'm going back today to get 3 more pairs. This should do me for shopping for years.

The one caveat: No dressing rooms. I got around that by wearing leggings so I could try on the pants, and a tank top so I could try on the shirts.

Edit to add: they just went up to 75% off this morning...
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Thanks for the lead Kris, I may have to run down there.


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I went to this location in late December, and it was lots of clothes, which is a good sale if you wear high end clothing. I went to the Eau Claire,WI  store on the 4th day of there store being 50% off, and spent way too much on some shoes and fishing stuff.