Author Topic: take 3-12 month break from work?  (Read 65 times)


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take 3-12 month break from work?
« on: January 09, 2019, 08:54:57 AM »

I plan to switch jobs June 2019 (I have financial handcuffs on me, since they paid for my masters & 401k vesting period... $20k payback if I leave before).

Income: $65k (I think I could land a $80k job come summer in the same field (corporate finance for defense company)
Annual expenses: 2017 = $21k; 2018 = $17k
Networth = $225k

I know I'm not at FI... But I feel a bit... underwhelmed with work.  It's boring.  I simply do not have passion for corporate finance (I absolutely love personal finance)... But maybe it's not corporate finance... It's simply the company/industry I'm in (I've rotated into different finance positions within the company, most still sucked, some were tolerable).

I think I could get a severance package... Which is only 1 week per year worked (so only 3 weeks).  I could techincally ask for a severance package now, and not have to pay my tuition.  It'd be weird if they told me no, because I wouldn't quit until June (that'd be an awkward 5 months).

Anyway... I simply don't know what to do (weird to admit that).

Option 1: Get a new job.  The normal thing to do... Keep working.  I'd try to work in a different enough job in finance, as clearly I'm not a huge fan of my current job.
Option 2: Quit.  I would kind of stress about having a gap in my resume... It'd definitely be weird to see networth go down, not up... But maybe it would be worth it to decompress a bit, clear my mind, then jump back into the workforce.