Author Topic: Save $2,000+ year by vulturing at work. Yes, there is such a thing as free lunch  (Read 6480 times)


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Catered lunch at work today, woohoo!


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Here is an example of what I brought home last night from work....
This is a catering tray that still had probably 75% of the brown rice left in it.  I added in some of the other dishes that were left, curry chicken, some fried wings (yeah not exactly healthy) and some beef with noodles.  This was sitting out in our break room when I arrived at work.  I know it had been there long enough for those who wanted some to take what they wanted.  I put this tray together and put it in the fridge.  There was still a fair amount of food left out for those who wanted it, I did not take it all.  This tray weighed over 17 lbs.  Since I eat a lot of brown rice, this is a great score.  This food was literally rescued from going in the garbage because the rest of the food was thrown out.

This isn't vulturing food IMHO, this is maximizing a situation with a logical solution.

Wow...that haul is legendary.  Nice work.


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Reducing waste is good.  Hoarding and preventing others from partaking is cheap and despicable.

There's a significant number of the latter at my workplace.  Their thought process is "I got here first, I will take as much as I want' and 'Too bad, so sad for you being late'.   Nasty people.   Load up their plate and others get nothing.  No shame about it either.  They'll even stash their excess in a fridge to bring home later.  Free lunch and free dinners!!  No free lunch for their co-worker though...fuck them!  It really is mind boggling.  I guess one hopes karma eventually evens things out.

I almost always skip trying to get any food because I just don't want to get frustrated by seeing the Vultures in action. 


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As an executive assistant, I order food for the building/meetings,whatever often. It means I get lots of free food, but it also means I have to guard it like a damn hawk until everyone eats.  Sometimes not everyone eats by 1:00 depending by what time the meeting end, and I have to put up signs or literally chase people away.  I always order extra and will almost always set it out for people when it's done, but we have to actively protect from vultures or people who take food home for their entire families. Honestly, there have been times we allow this if we have enough.)  There have been times where I step away and when I come back, I don't have enough food to even feed the people in the meeting!  It's really frustrating.  I obviously would love to feed everyone, but it isn't feasible.  Sounds like OP is a kind vulture so asks, and I'm down with that, but just a word of advice about vulturing...don't make it harder on the assistants who organize the meetings, please.


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My company has an app you can use to see where leftover food has been posted rather than hitting every floor's kitchen at 1:00pm. As a meeting owner, you are expected to move leftovers to the kitchen and post. There is food almost every day.

I love this!  Great way to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away and helps out your workers!