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FirstTrade - 3 Free stocks for signing up
« on: January 17, 2021, 03:25:41 PM »
Hello, hopefully itís okay for me to share a referral link here, if you donít want to use the referral link then obviously you can just remove the referral part. This seems like a similar offer Robinhood once had.

Once you sign up you can post your referral link for other to sign up. You receive one free stock for signing up and two after depositing $100.00, I think you have to wait 30 days to withdraw the $100.00.

Join Firstrade today and weíll each get a free stock! Use my link to claim the stock without having to invest money first:

The three stocks I received were GE, ET, and F, I have seen some people receiving higher valued stocks.

Edit to add: Here is a link to a review from Nerdwallet,

The bottom line
Firstrade is an innovator in commission-free investing, which is one of the reasons itís considered one of the best discount brokers weíve reviewed. Beyond $0 commissions on trading stocks, ETFs and options, Firstrade also doesnít charge trading commissions on any mutual fund, nor does it charge a per-contract fee on options trades.

Edit 2: A link to FirstTrade about the referral program;

The free stock is one share selected randomly and determined by an algorithm. There is an approximately 98% chance of the free stock having a value of $3-$10, an approximately 1% chance of the free stock having a value of $10-$50, and an approximately 1% chance of the free stock having a value of $50-$200, based on the price of shares at the time of purchase. Free stocks are chosen from the most popular companies on Firstrade, based on the trading volume in the last quarter. When shares are purchased for this program, Firstrade only chooses shares of stocks that have a minimum market capitalization of $2.5 billion and which trade either on the NYSE-listed or NASDAQ-listed markets.

You have a 1 in 100 chance of getting a free stock from one of these companies (Apple, Boeing, Advanced Micro Devices) everytime a friend opens an account at Firstrade.

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