Author Topic: Becoming financially free thanks to Mr. Money Mustache  (Read 459 times)

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Becoming financially free thanks to Mr. Money Mustache
« on: February 09, 2019, 12:18:17 PM »
I've become pretty good at working my way to financial freedom thanks to Mr. Money Mustache. I found his website just in time along with a few other major financial blogs that really opened my eyes towards debt, income, investing, and the road to financial freedom. Since then I'v made smarter decisions about my finances, and have gained some self control in relation to spending. Something funny though in which I originally did not set out to endure was frugality, simplicity, and my foot print on the earth. I think I have to give thanks to Mr. Money Mustache for that one. I can honestly say the more frugal and simplistic I become, the more I have been enjoying life and stressing less. I even bought a used Toyota Prius c (which I love) for the better gas milage and to help pollute less! I have learned to enjoy this life style so much that I have started blogging on my free time. Partially because I really enjoy writing and thinking, and partly because it keeps me busy on my free time! So thank you Mr. Money Mustache for opening my eyes!


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Re: Becoming financially free thanks to Mr. Money Mustache
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 12:46:03 PM »
That's a nice intro wise man.  My financial education has been slow and painful and has culminated in me recently discovering this fine website / blog, which I think is unparalleled in terms of conveying practical guidance in an accessible way.  'Cept maybe the Motley Fool site, which is in my opinion more focused on investments rather than frugality / financial independence as a whole. It has kind of reinforced truths which deep down I must have known all along, but in a way that makes me want to go out and live them.  One of the most potent for me is to keep an eye on the small yet perfectly avoidable expenses which over time really add up: Starbucks, newspaper/magazine habits, gadding about, take-out meals, etc etc.

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