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I agree that you need to come up with a different plan if you have no intentions of keeping the money in there for ten years. You weren't specific as to why or if you are talking about all your money etc.

But if you for sure are not going to invest it long term then why invest it in a long term index. As others mentioned you probably would be better laddering CD's, using High Interest account , bonds etc.. Maybe more specifics and people could be of more help.

I think @nereo chart shows the value of long term with VTSAX which is why based on Historical returns only so many of us long term investors go into that fund.
Great cause. 

As someone who's suffered from Malaria - prevention is definitely better than a cure. 
Throw Down the Gauntlet / Re: Race from 10 to 100k!!
« Last post by Manchester on Today at 04:05:57 AM »
Just graduated from the race to 10k thread. 

I wont even hazard a guess as to when I'll get through this one, but I'll keep track of finances and hope for the best.

I'm 25, from Manchester, UK (obviously).  Work in the software industry, mainly account management and client relations.  I match bets in my spare time to generate some extra money.  I have a small workplace pension and need to start investing properly.  I don't include the equity in my house.  My N/W is calculated as follows:

Cash balance (including Emergency Fund) + Investments + Matched betting balance - Credit card debt.

November 2018 - 10,691.37

My stretch goal is to hit 25k by the end of November 2019.  Wish me luck! :)
A lot of people near here drank the Lender and Real Estate Agent Koolaid.

One couple I know renovated their home to around 5K sq ft.  They are in their 50s with two kids in school, have zero savings, and lots of credit card debt.  The house has about 20% equity with the rest on a 30 year variable mortgage.

Yet the lender and real estate agent have them thinking they have been very smart.

That'w what I call drinking the Lender / RE Agent Koolaid.

Yet I'm thinking of doing something my friends think outrageously extravagant.  Perhaps you can explain why this is a bad idea for me.  I am thinking about retiring to a VHCOL city (my dream city) and buying a 2 bedroom condo.  This city is not an easy place for older people with mobility problems to live, so I would sell and move to a CCRC around 10-15 years later.  I assume I would get the purchase price back on the condo when I sell and it's OK with me if it's less.

I have no kids and no heirs other than charities.  I figure this is my chance to live my dream life in a city with lots of terrific museums and restaurants (so lifestyle cost is not significantly higher after I bite the bullet on the condo) for a dozen years or so, then move to a CCRC in a MCOL city with fewer museums.  Heirs would get about the same amount as if I stayed in the MCOL city throughout.

My friends say I should stay in the MCOL city and take multiple annual trips to the dream city.  But with this arrangement I couldn't have a dog with me almost all the time, which I absolutely must have.  Comments welcome.

I don't think it is a crazy idea to move to one attractive area for 10-15 years and then move to another when you are older. But it might be challenging to stay frugal in a VHCOL area with lots out attractions. And keep in mind that each time you move, you need to build up a new social circle, which is not always so easy.
You shouldn't worry about "heirs" that you don't have. Just worry about yourself not going broke.

I agree with Lind_Norway....It really comes down to Economics for the long term. If you evaluate what you have and it doesn't effect your long term goals then why not. You said up front you know it was going to cost you more so seems as if you have already to that into consideration.
Australia Tax Discussion / Re: Ratesetter (P2P lending)
« Last post by marty998 on Today at 03:56:21 AM »
Went along today and had a chat with a couple of staff members, including the head of credit risks, a couple of the marketing reps, and the CEO Daniel Foggo.

They are genuinely passionate about the business and want to see it grow, and even cheekily suggested a recession would be good, because black marks showing up on credit files will assist them in screening and knocking back borrowers applications!

Ratesetter itself is forecast to become profitable soon, but the have just done another round of fundraising with existing shareholders and a couple of new ones, in order to pay the bills for another year. Good to know they are running the business in a manner that they expect to be here long time into the future.

They believe (5-yr) rates are quite high in comparison to the UK market, and they foresee rates falling when the liquidity facility is introduced soon.

A nice evening all round.
Australia Tax Discussion / Re: Income Protection
« Last post by marty998 on Today at 03:44:32 AM »
I am not a financial advisor (not that they are unbiased or anything lol) but an income protection policy is only useful if you are involuntarily unable to work?

Suspect there's not a lot of point paying for it right now, he can take up a new policy when he returns to work (if his income is actually required for you both).
Huh. It doesn't occur to me to compare the female to the male athletes. (I mean, I can do it now, as a thought exercise, but it's not something that springs naturally to my mind.) Any more than I'd see a greyhound race and think, "well, a cheetah could outrun any of them, so no point in watching this."

Which is maybe the crudest gender essentialism, on my part...? I dunno.

I'm not aware of anything creepy about my engagement with it. (For that matter, it's not clear to me why watching 20-something young men run about is automatically non-creepy. I think we're just used to it.)

Not sure how much the fact that we have a bunch of world-cup-contending women playing here in Portland has to do with my being a fan. In the universe of women's soccer Portland is an important place, and there aren't all that many universes in which it even appears on the map. (Brewing? Zines? Tiny houses?)

The difference is that there is no such thing as professional cheetah racing.  But if there was...I bet all of a sudden dog racing would seem slow and it would be much less popular.  There was once a show that compared a greyhound vs a cheetah racing and the cheetah made the dog look like a bumbling idiot.  In slow motion the dog looks pathetic compared to the cat.  But if I had never seen that show then I'd probably still think greyhounds were graceful. 
First how could anyone in their right mind spend that much for a kid''s coat -particularly as the UK is hardly Siberia. Second, is this a private school?

No - not a private school and this is not a wealthy area of the country. I went to school 30+ years ago not too far away from there and at that time it was kids wearing stupidly expensive trainers and boots that was a thing and the school ended up banning Adidas shoes. A lot of schools have school uniform policies for exactly this kind of reason and a lot of schools here will ban specific items if it turns into a problem as it seems to have done here. Ugg boots were an issue for a lot of schools a few years back. Must have been a slow news day for this to be a story.
Investor Alley / Re: Investment accounts case study
« Last post by MustacheAndaHalf on Today at 03:34:30 AM »
With no international, consider shifting 20% equities into international, like VXUS (Vanguard Total International ETF).
For bottoms I recommend Marmot dri-clime side zip pants. I like the top too for layering but I see they have changed the style again. Very toasty and easy on /off. Agree that keeping legs warm keeps feet warm. I have used them climbing and running and snowshoeing in frigid temps.
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