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Mini Money Mustaches / Re: Khan Academy and other sources
« Last post by Sydneystache on Today at 12:50:35 AM »
That is sad and pathetic. Sure, spell check is helpful but it's still shit to rely on. When you're more educated than the educators themselves, it becomes a worry. I don't particularly subscribe to this current race to mediocrity where speed and efficiency are vaunted at the expense of accuracy. And  errors are acceptable because of their technology policy 🙄. Your school system sounds like it needs some kicks to the backsides of people running it.

On the bright side, I have found a Penguin book on punctuation and it will be on my nightly reading list with DS now. I have also joined my son's high school P&C (PTA) mostly out of serendipity. I could have never joined his primary school's due to the cliqueyness but his high school P&C seems to be cool and chill with the kids' best interest at heart. We shall see.
Post-FIRE / Re: Did FIREing help your health?
« Last post by CargoBiker on Today at 12:30:30 AM »
Yes, absolutely,

I have time to work out 5 times a week, eating healthy food for every meal.

Not stressed, ever.

Healthiest I've ever been.
Hi Minimalist--in your details, I didn't notice any charges for accrued-but-not-due expenses, like property tax, home owners insurance, car insurance that you have a legal obligation to pay, nor for any depreciation-like expenses, like the steady decay in your car (tires, battery, car value), clothing, teeth (you go to the dentist?), etc.

I know it rains on the under 1K parade, but EVERYTHING is really not *every* everything...

You guys are so fancy. I just drink instant coffee.  A $20 jar lasts me months. We've got the same instant at work as I drink at home, so that's nice.

Although, I have a suspicion that American instant coffee is not the same as Australian instant.. not sure where I read that, or if it's true, or if Australians just deal with shitter coffee.
Coincidentally ft/(slug*hogshead) is also the units for the linear density of a threads foam.

I remember in undergrad how my class was on the verge of a populist revolt when our professor had us do a thermodynamics homework assignment in imperial units. Good lord, what a mass of unnecessary confusion.

It feels like aerospace is the only holdout in engineering where we haven't fully converted to metric. It drives me nuts, especially when they mix systems, since you just can't get around the fact that fundamental science is only done in metric.

I had a imperial units thermodynamics problem appear on an exam, when up to that point I had only worked problems in metric.   So I converted all the input data to metric, solved it in metric, and then converted it all back to imperial

Now of course I work at a U.S. aerospace company, and haven't used metric anything in 10 years

Depending on where you work (government versus academia versus certain industries, etc.) a lot of people may secretly be using your first approach.
Antimustachian Wall of Shame and Comedy / Re: Eyelash perm? WTF
« Last post by TheGrimSqueaker on Today at 12:13:25 AM »
It gets worse.

Glue sticks, folks. Fucking GLUE STICKS. For that nice feather or barbed wire look, and apparently people pay money to have this done. It's not just women, either.

Although the so-called "fairer sex" is targeted with a disproportionate amount of merchandising bullshit by the cosmetics industry (generally phrased in baby talk since they think people with two X chromosomes are too stupid to comprehend written English), the link contained an ad with evidence that people with a Y chromosome are in fact sculpting their eyebrows into stylized concertina-wire shapes.

Having gotten concertina wire stuck in my hair in the past-- should have been wearing a hard hat or a helmet, it was my own stupid fault-- I can attest to its keratin-sculpting powers. Perhaps that's the next trend. The advantage: the changes can easily be permanent, and it's cheaper than a tattoo artist.
It so hard to judge tone and context on the internet, but I'm wondering if maybe there are other issues at play here.  Someone getting "furious" or "chewing out" in a conversation about a storage unit or a 4 month shift in pay off date seems pretty unhealthy.  And separating finances, especially in the face of that dynamic, seems to perhaps be moving in a somewhat unfortunate direction.  Just throwing this out there to see if it sticks for you, but if you think there's something to it, consider spending money on some counseling together, perhaps. 

That said, go to the storage unit, and get rid of anything in that there is yours.  If it means enough to keep, find a place for it in the house (even if that means getting rid of something of yours in the house).  If not, toss it.  In the end, maybe you can get a smaller storage unit.  If not, you've still lightened your load.  But perhaps she will be inspired.  It still seems like you are pushing some of this change in her direction, when you probably need to be doing as much of it as possible yourself.  Don't nag (encourage, whatever) her about her stuff.  Purge yours.  Then, if it all fits in a smaller unit, ask her if she' okay with downsizing.  Or, if it would all fit in the shed you've already built, ask if she's okay with you moving what's left there.  But first you purge your things and spend your time building a shed and don't pressure her at all. 

This is a change *YOU* want to make.  It may make all the sense in the world to you, but you are the one wanting to change the status quo.  So from her perspective, you are basically changing the rules of daily life, and expecting her to follow the new rule book when she preferred the old one.  Would she get "furious" if you just built a damn shed in your spare time?  If you moved the things you use in the garage into the shed?   If you went through your stuff in the storage unit?  If you brought your remaining stuff from the storage unit into the shed or the newly gained space in the garage?  Stop trying to get her to do these actions with her things, and do them with yours and on your own to the extent possible.  Stop even talking to her about it.  When you come across a filthy, stained piece of art from the when the kids were little or something that looks like trash but essentially belongs to her, don't ask her if you can throw it out.  That will hopefully come later.  For now, do what you can with the things that are yours to control. 

And I love the suggestion, if and when it is time to again broach the subject of getting rid of or downsizing the storage shed, of suggesting  you use half of the money saved in one year for a weekend away or a shopping spree for her, or whatever she values.  Sure, it would be better to save all of it (or put it all toward debt), but that's not how you get a very reluctant, spendypants spouse on board. You have to show her the benefit, and it seems like a spreadsheet showing her that you can retire 7 months earlier (still years away) without a storage shed doesn't resonate with her, but a day at the spa or a weekend at a beach house might. 
It is an interesting thought, and I think I can make it so every single one makes over 75K, but they would have to be willing to do difficult work.

For those who have college, Group A, they can join the military as an Officer.  I did with a non-STEM degree, and it is guaranteed that after 4 years they will be an O-3 and you can look up their pay.

For those who are high school educated, Group B, they can work at an oil platform.  The long hours, danger, and separation from family guarantee higher pay and I've heard of very high incomes. 
Does anyone know the answer to the military on orders question?  About whether I can avoid the Capital Gains Tax? 

Overall, based on his responses, it looks like I can come out breaking just about even with what I put into the place as far as principle.  So should I sell, or rent?
Sure, here you go:

Based on my many questions (and sad stories) from military long-distance landlords, the short answer is:  Sell.  Now.

The Medicaid expansion has certain rules common to all states that expanded.  For example FPL under 138% with no asset test is written in the law.  This is not up to a state to decide.  If a state did not expand then an able bodied adult from 18 to 64 would never be eligible for it.  They would have to be deemed disabled and come under strict asset and income tests, basically making them destitute before they would become eligible for it.
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