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Ask a Mustachian / Re: Question about Condos and Earthquakes
« Last post by sunnyca on Today at 06:17:09 PM »

This kind of problem makes me really leery of condos in general and high-rises especially.

I feel the same way- but in Orange County, it's difficult buying a house for a reasonable price.  I got a good deal on my condo when I purchased it 4 years ago (price has gone up $100k since then), but a lot of my neighbors have a fancypants lifestyle that isn't conducive to saving. 

For example, I have neighbors that make $80k or more and live paycheck to paycheck.  These are people that are single, no kids, never married. :-/
A $35,000 windfall could buy me and the spousal unit 1,400 brunches. That's almost four straight years of brunch!

What a win that would be.

If you invested the $35,000 in pork belly futures, it is likely you would never run out of brunches...or bacon.
Ask a Mustachian / Re: Do you give back to your College/University?
« Last post by dragoncar on Today at 06:15:57 PM »
Why are canadians irrate?  I thought tuition in canada is very reasonable?   

I do give back to my college but not always.

Yes, but the taxes that subside tuition are not reasonable?  I dunno, that's why I don't care if my education was subsidized by taxpayer money -- I am (and my parents are) high-tax payers.
I have received blank stares for not using tax software. Usually followed by other blank stares for not using an accountant either.
The only solace I can take in this extremely unpleasant story is how equally horrified those people would be if I won $35k in the lottery and just invested it.
Antimustachian Wall of Shame and Comedy / Re: Overheard at Work
« Last post by dragoncar on Today at 06:13:49 PM »
When it comes to cables, I always think of this fun little test that was done between high end Monster Cables vs a Coat Hanger

That's mostly proof that most "audiophiles" are full of crap.  Love me some ABX testing.
Investor Alley / Re: Is Gold Anti-Mustachian?
« Last post by dragoncar on Today at 06:11:30 PM »
"The same grounds" meaning "the grounds on which environmentalism is favoured". For the same reasons. I.e., it improves the world for everyone else. The Mustachian reasoning in favour of environmentalism is not "because it is Mustachian".

I don't agree that "productive" assets inherently improve the world by virtue of their "productivity."  I also don't agree that environmentalism inherently improves the world (there are a lot of misguided recycling programs).  How do you feel about gold miners?
Off Topic / Re: Funny stuff from the internet
« Last post by Paul der Krake on Today at 06:11:17 PM »
I used to be a Divemaster. DMs can organize SCUBA diving trips, and it's customary to arrange it so you go for free. You already have to carry liability insurance which would cover you under the trip situation. I can easily see this working for other types of outdoor activities as long as you can find find a customer base and an insurance company willing to work with you. It probably won't be immensely profitable but it would be a ton of fun, as long as your clients aren't expecting you to pamper them the whole time.
Mustachian Book Club / Re: Recommend me a book or two
« Last post by sunnyca on Today at 06:09:39 PM »
Here's a few non-fiction suggestions:

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - John Perkins
Learning to Fly - Steph Davis
Walk Across America - Peter Jenkins

BTW, I just had a bialy for the first time last month.  It was awesome!  I made it into a little mini-pizza, which horrified my east coast friend, but it was plenty tasty :)
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