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Yup. If you have room to move the master cylinder away without kinking the metal lines you won't have to bleed the brakes.
Reader Recommendations / Re: YNAB - Any other YNABers in the house?
« Last post by Will on Today at 09:42:47 PM »
I just started using it (still on the 34 day free trial).  What I like about it, is the ability to project my budget.  I'm still going through the tutorials.  What I love most is Rule #1 "Give a job to every dollar".  I haven't been doing this but now I am.

Yeah, that really isn't how you are supposed to use it.  You should only be budgeting money you have.  I know some people will use an "alternate" budget with numbers they project with, which is fine if you are wanting to test some things out, but I truly hope that you are only spending based on category balances as they are today, in reality.  With Rule #1, you can't give jobs to employees you don't have (yet).
Share Your Badassity / Just saved $1162 on my wife's cell phone plan
« Last post by cheapdad on Today at 09:42:29 PM »
So my wife loves her iphone.  There is no other option in her eyes than an iphone. I have begged her to switch to republic, but she refuses.  I started to research Ting today and found that after paying te cancelation fee with att, plus selling our att phone and buying one locked with sprint, we wouldn't save much, especially if you factor in the risk of buying a used phone online.

After searching through several options I found sprint.  The offer they gave me was this:

Cancel with att and sprint will pay all penalties for the cancelation

Cell plan costs $25 per month plus we lease a phone for $20 per month and we get a new phone every two years.  This is for unlimited talk and text plus 1gb data which is more than enough for my wife.

The total savings for the remainder of our contract plus two years (if we had re signed up for att) will be $1162.  That brings my cell plan from 75 per month plus 199 per year for a new phone down to 42 dollars per month (after selling her old phone) and a new phone at no additional cost every two years. 

Happy wife, happy life (and now a happy wallet too)
RW phones tend to hold their value fairly well because there's not a whole lot of choice. People will usually pay ~80% of the cost of a new device if it's something recent.

Personally, the data roaming on RW was something I really liked versus other MVNOs, which don't have much in the way of data roaming. Now that they've curtailed that, they aren't as appealing.
There is always the comment about the couple will be "hard pressed to maintain their present level of spending in retirement" - their present level of spending is the problem!  And why do the experts always think people need their same level of spending?  House and car payments should be long gone by retirement.  Children are out of the house.  Commuting expenses are gone.  If you have done it right and those investments let you spend that is fine, but other than health care required spending should be at a low point.
If you just swap the booster, there's no need to bleed the brakes.  Most cars allow enough room to do this, although it's easier to just take it off. 
Meetups and Social Events / Re: NYC Meetup
« Last post by AndThen on Today at 09:36:19 PM »
I'm still up for it.
Share Your Badassity / Re: Removed a hornets' nest without poison
« Last post by Spork on Today at 09:31:24 PM »
I am excited to report that I found an excellent video of someone successfully using the shop vac approach.
If you are into woodworking, this guy's other videos are good.  He's a bit of a savant.

"Uh oh.  ... So I've discovered this screen is not entirely wasp proof..."

That's really not what you want to hear, is it?
Meetups and Social Events / Re: Anyone in Atlanta?
« Last post by HairyUpperLip on Today at 09:28:12 PM »
Duluth. :)
Off Topic / Re: Cubic Zirconia
« Last post by iris lily on Today at 09:27:22 PM »
Cz is pretty hard (8-8.5 on the MOHS scale), but white sapphire is harder (9). Moissanite, as was mentioned, is even harder (9) and diamonds are hardest (10). If I wanted a ring that looked like a diamond, I'd be going white sapphire in an ideal cut, or moissanite. They are both around 1/10 the cost of a new diamond. I've seen some cz look scratched and cloudy over time. Definitely get your rings cleaned to keep them looking their best! Most places will do it for free.
I think that white sapphires are really pretty in their own right, to me they look like a big drop of cool pure water. But they don't sparkle like diamonds.

I have only a cheap CZ and it's crappy, it's too perfect looking but doesn't really sparkle. The higher quality ones are supposed to be decent.
Moissanite is man made, but it's kind of interesting. I made an effort to see one in a jewelry store clear across town. In some lights it looked like a diamond, in other lights, it took on the complete color of nearby object, and in some lights it threw rainbow sparkles. It was the rainbow sparkles that I liked, my diamond never behaves like that.

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