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My Job Title: SSD Firmware Engineer
Experience: 1 year
Education: BS in Computer Science
Salary: 72k + ~10% bonus + $750 HSA contribution + 2.5% 401k match + whatever ESPP ends up being worth

Cost of living from this chart is 99.2/100, so very average cost of living area.

Started at 71k, got a raise a couple months in as a thanks for being awesome ;)

My manager says I will be getting a promotion in the next round (February) even though it typically takes 3-4 years. Should come with about a 10% raise.

The work environment is awesome. Really laid back and supportive. Take as much vacation as you want policy with no keeping track of work, sick, and vacation hours, etc. I would have to get a super big raise to consider working elsewhere.

DW Job Title: RN
Salary: ~70k + small pension + 2% 403b match
Experience: 5 years
Education: BS in Dietetics, BS in Nursing

She started out getting a degree in dietetics but that didn't work out due to requiring an internship to get certified and there not being enough to go around (something that if she had known me prior to starting the program she would have thoroughly looked into and chosen something different or studied harder). Went back after the Dietetics degree and did an accelerated BSN program and now is very happy.

Updating because I just got a promotion and a 15% raise!!!!

My Job Title: Senior SSD Firmware Engineer
Experience: 1.5 years
Education: BS in Computer Science
Salary: $83,000 + 10% bonus target + $750 HSA contribution + 3% 401k match + whatever ESPP ends up being worth
San Francisco Salary: $198,578 (my city is 101.4 on CoL Index)

Was a weird year. We bought out another big company, my project got cancelled and we were in flux for awhile, and then my manager quite abruptly and it took 6+ months to replace him.

Only got a 3.5% raise this year, but also was granted ~$17k in RSUs that vest over 4 years. Not sure what to think of the golden handcuffs, will have to cross that bridge if I ever think about leaving.

My Job Title: Senior SSD Firmware Engineer
Experience: 2.5 years
Education: BS in Computer Science
Salary: $~86,000 + 10% bonus target + $750 HSA contribution + 3% 401k match + ~$17k RSU + whatever ESPP ends up being worth
I'm right on the edge of millennialism and GenX (depending) and can agree with most of this list.

1. Beer - I really do not like beer.
2. Napkins - Like paper napkins?  Never bought.
3. "Breastaurants" - My uncle took me to Hooters when he was babysitting me as a kid because he couldn't figure out what kids liked to do.  He was hilarious and was never allowed to babysit me again.  Ha.
4. Cereal - Never bought.
5. Golf - Pay a lot to get REALLY FRUSTRATED, have to dress a certain way, and get sunburnt?  No.
6. Motorcycles - Nope.
7. Home ownership - I have done this.  It was nice, but now I rent.
8. Yogurt - Yeah, that's gross.
9. Soap bars - I make my own soap, so I do use bars.
10. Diamond - I would never buy a diamond, and would insist anyone who offered me one spend their money in a better way.
11. Fabric softener - I bought this ONCE on accident thinking it was detergent.
12. Physical bank branches - Even when these existed, I avoided it AT ALL COSTS.
13. Department stores - Like... Sears?  No.
14. Designer handbags - I have purchased a Coach bag at the thrift shop and resold it on ebay, if that counts?
15. Gyms - Very much my thing.  I will spend my money here, within reason.
16. Home improvement stores - Dependent..?
17. Casual dining chains - I don't know what this means?  Like TGI Fridays?  BARF.
18. Football - Not interested.
19. Oil - I guess since a drive a car, yes?....

I don't think 1M is enough for the average American with a decent car and a house.

$40k/year is pretty reasonable I think for a family of two.

This looks like a contradiction, since the 4% rule would provide the reasonable $40K/yr on the 1M dollars.

I'm single, but I figure $45K/yr after taxes will provide a nice cushion for enjoying FIRE for the first decade of my retirement (with an inflation adjustment).  After that, SS calculators are showing I should get about $17K/yr more (in 2017 dollars.)

If I had to bare bones it with just a little extra, I could probably get by with $20K/yr.
Great post Imma.  As others have posted, there is no incentive to reduce costs in the US.  For example, if you seek medical treatment for any ailment, there may be several options for treatment with huge variation in cost.  Sometimes a diagnosis and treatment can be prescribed cheaply with little or no diagnostic testing.  Another option which most likely will lead to the same treatment is to run a battery of expensive tests to confirm the diagnosis is correct before proceeding with treatment.  There is no typically no incentive to choose the cheaper option in the US, in fact there is more incentive to choose the expensive tests because there is less risk of making a mistake that could invite legal trouble for the care provider.  Even if the diagnosis would be correct in 99 out of 100 cases, I expect almost all of those 100 people will choose to undergo the testing.  There is typically no incentive for the healthcare consumer to choose the cheaper route, and often they are not even made aware of the option unless they ask.  In many cases the out of pocket cost is the same (a $20 co-pay for example) independent of the level of care received.

(I use the words sometimes/often/typical as I know there are some in the US that have some incentive to control costs via high deductible health plans with large out of pocket maximums)
Driving around in my 16-year-old vehicle.  It has a combo radio/CD/cassette but the CD player is broken.  Looked into the car next to me at a red light and I could see a screen displaying the music the person was playing.  I had a twinge of un-mustachian envy but then realized I wouldn't be able to figure out how to play music in that car and don't want to make the effort to learn....
Not many years ago when my kids were little we were driving around town in my 17 year old Volvo. We were listening to a cassette tape of Sesame Street songs that my in laws had saved from their youngest child. We pulled up behind a minivan and could see the kids inside watching a DVD of the very same song we were listening to. Weird. And so glad the kids were too young to know how "unfair" it was.
Share Your Badassity / Re: Mantaining style while being Mustchaian
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I've always been happy to remain invisible to the sort of person who likes to see their women primped and preened and painted.

Well said ... amen.  Same here.

On another note:  Health and fitness - what's under the clothes - is the most worthwhile fashion investment of all, and it costs nothing except for time.
What I find hard to understand about the US health care system is that there's a lot of economic freedom but costs don't seem to go down. That's absolutely contrary to what I was taught at school in economics, that competition and capitalism would lead to lower prices. It doesn't seem to at all.

There's really not much competition in the US when it comes to prices for health care.  I can see any doctor I want to see and they all cost me exactly the same amount because of the way insurance works.  Therefore I have no incentive to shop for a lower cost doctor.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  I have every incentive to go the best (i.e. the most expensive) doctor I can find even if I'm going for a very minor treatment.  It won't cost me any more than going to the cheapest doctor in town.

Competition and capitalism do lead to lower prices when insurance companies and government regulations aren't involved. 
Congrats, Coppertop.  Stick to your plan and good luck on your new adventure. 

Ask a Mustachian / Re: Just got a raise and I'm still angry
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Thank you all for your replies.  I'll follow up with some direct responses.  In the meantime, a significant clarification:

Because of the promotion of my colleague, the gap is now MUCH GREATER than 2K.  I don't know what the exact figure is.  But the 2k gap was before, as the same level/same experience/same title.  Now, we are different levels, and I am assuming an associated pay raise was very different for the two us.

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