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Welcome and General Discussion / Ebates referral thread
« Last post by Mustache Fatty on Today at 04:10:31 PM »
Hi all,

I signed up for ebates, which is a site that you all have probably heard of but I had not.  Basically, you shop at the places that you normally shop, but you click on the link from ebates to take you there.  My wife bought some stuff from Amazon and got $1.35 back from ebates.  Plus, you get either $5 cash or a $10 gift card from Target, etc. just for signing up.  It seems to me like this is worth doing as the savings are on top of your CC reward points and it really doesn't take much extra effort.

If you look at and decide that you want to sign up then I would appreciate it if you could PM me your email address so I can "refer" you.  I'll get some extra $$ that way!  I didn't want to post a referral link because I am not sure that is OK to do around here.

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Say Hi and Introduce Yourself
« Last post by afternoon on Today at 04:06:43 PM »
Hi MMM forum,

I've recently found the MMM site and look forward to using all the great mustachian advice to improve my financial situation and retire early. I'm in my early 20's, live in the southeast, recent college grad with no debt and a modest net worth. I recently opened up a vanguard account and invested the money that was wasting away in my savings account. I've been into minimalism for the last two years which has principles that go together great with mustachian ways. Most of all I just want to find a way of life that maximizes happiness!

See you all around the forums
Forum Information & FAQs / Re: Forum Ideas
« Last post by MDM on Today at 04:05:19 PM »
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Spreadsheet Collection
« Last post by MDM on Today at 04:04:28 PM »
Perhaps useful for Ask a Mustachian Case Studies:

This is not a commercial product.  Take it with as many grains of salt as you can stomach.  It does not begin to cover all possible tax and life situations.  I highly recommend using real commercial software when it comes to your own finances.  Enough disclaimers?

If you (or anyone else) can get some value out of the spreadsheet itself, or any concepts therein, great.  If you find any blatant errors, please PM me.  Or post them for all to see - won't be the first nor last spreadsheet error I'll ever make.  Mister Fancypants has provided some good suggestions already (not included in this version yet).

If one downloads and then opens it, a warning about macros may appear (depends on your Excel settings).  If that bothers you and you don't want to proceed further I don't blame you.  The "macros", however, are merely two Visual Basic functions: one calculates federal taxes for married-filing-jointly, and the other for single filers.
He truly wants to work hard (and until the end), play hard, and doesn't mind debt because he thinks savers are misers, and that money is everywhere.  We are in completely different philosophical spaces about what we want from life and where we're headed, and there seems to be no compromise or light bulb moment. 
Has anyone else hit this wall, and what did you do?

This was me and my husband many years ago. (Though my husband was the frugal person and I was the person quoting "Money is like fertilizer, it does no good unless you spread it around".) What we did was made a list of things that were passionately importance to each of us. Then my husband redefined his frugality/saving/investing habit for me as "This is what I want to spend money on -- financial security."

I didn't understand that and thought it was a sly way of controlling our spending. It took many passionate conversations before I was able to hear that he absolutely needed a certain level of financial security to be happy. He was able to put a dollar figure on it, which was a comfort to me. Even though I thought it was a lot of money, it wasn't some endless plan to deny happiness.

I think that when free-spenders hear about frugality and budgets, it comes with a psychic burden of judgement and, often, cruelty from the past. We must recognize the other person's damaged portions and insecurities and help them heal (or at least avoid adding to their pain).

My husband felt true pain in economic uncertainty and that has shaped our lives in ways that often required some painful compromises from me and it continues to mean that some things will never be available to me because they come with too many uncertainties for his comfort (long periods traveling amongst them).

On the other side, the budget we shaped for ourselves gives him the financial security he desperately needs for his sanity but we still fund things that matter to me. These days fewer things matter to me and I've come to understand the idea of money as freedom. I never could have understood that years ago, partially because I never saw myself as unfree.

There is a middle path that can be pursued when both people talk honestly about what would make them happy and come prepared to compromise. Hopefully when pursued with compassion, both people grow as a result.
Share Your Badassity / Re: Frugel Gym
« Last post by sleepyguy on Today at 03:50:44 PM »

check out the forums... dude is for real as well and in wicked shape, practices what he preaches.
Investor Alley / Re: Ever hear of Mid Atlantic Capital Group?
« Last post by BlueHouse on Today at 03:50:13 PM »
MACG does not act as an investment advisor for my plan.  They are defined (by Paychex) as a "Transmittal Vendor Services". 
MACG's fee disclosure statement states that (for my plan), they provide Trade Execution Services and Custodial Services. 
After reading the description of the ADV, not sure that it applies.  But to answer your question, no, I've never received an ADV form from anyone. 
Ask a Mustachian / Re: How hard is your ride to work?
« Last post by windawake on Today at 03:50:03 PM »
I bike a little over 4 miles to work but it's very flat (thank you, glaciers). When it's really hot in the summer I just show up a little early, brush out my hair, wipe down my face and pits with a paper towel, and if needed, change clothes. We do have showers at my office but I have yet to use them.

If you're worried about being sweaty, just wear athletic clothes and change/put on deodorant when you get to work. I don't find I start to smell after such a short amount of time. I'd suggest getting off your bike a bit before you get to work and walking the last part to help you cool down. Then take some time to freshen up and you're good to go. I used to bike 12 miles to work on a shitty bike in the summer and a little wipe up in the bathroom was all I needed, even once when it started raining halfway through my ride and I showed up wet and covered in dirt.
Ask a Mustachian / Re: Composting in the city
« Last post by neophyte on Today at 03:46:30 PM »
We keep our compost bucket in the freezer so it doesn't get stinky.   
Ask a Mustachian / Re: Cord cutting confusion
« Last post by pipercat on Today at 03:42:25 PM »

related question: Does the Roku understand Amazon Prime?  (I was REALLY surprised that TiVo does not.  You can buy Amazon titles, but it has no knowledge that you're a Prime member and you pretty much have to pay full price.)

We use Amazon Prime with our Roku all the time.  I have no idea which model our Roku is, but we've had it for at least a couple of years.

Really, Netflix and Amazon Prime take care of everything we need to watch.
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