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Mini Money Mustaches / Re: Socializing kids without depending on daycare?
« Last post by KCM5 on Today at 06:08:46 AM »
We have a babysitting coop that we are part of. Its a sort of community where all the families know each other, have kids the same age, and the kids are comfortable playing together. The babysitting each others kids part is almost secondary to the community that it creates.

The babysitting coop was created by someone who put up a flyer at a birthing class, but we have since added new members who are friends with current members, or meet at library story time, or something like that. We use for our points trading.

Is there one in your area?

Also, coop preschools where the parents work a day a week and the kid goes a few days a week could be an option. They're not usually free, but cheaper than traditional preschool.

Also, I second the poster to go to places at the same time every week. We are regulars at a story time, and a certain park. Your kid will make friends.
I'm a credit card churner with 0 credit card balances, but no less than 20 credit cards opened at a time. I have several with high limits, $20-30k that have been opened more than 10 years, so this seems fairly interesting to me. I guess one big thing I worry about is how do I know these people haven't charged off debt with this creditor before. I know from the bit of reading I've done in this thread that AMEX cards aren't eligible, but that's exactly what gets you FR'ed and shut down for GOOD, adding an authorized user who charged off AMEX debt. Similar with Chase AFAIK.

The post a bit up thread about the strange call with Capital One sounds exactly like what happened. Not to mention the expensive algorithms and link analysis these companies purchase to detect fraud are going to find cards that have been sitting in a "sock drawer" and all of the sudden have small charges with new AU's and flag them in no time.
Antimustachian Wall of Shame and Comedy / Re: I don't watch TV
« Last post by Mezzie on Today at 06:07:46 AM »
I didn't have a TV for a few years, but I do like movies and some shows on Netflix; what I don't want to do is waste my life in front of it.

Anyway, my internet provider got bought out, and I started getting calls feom the new company every other day telling me about deals I could get on cable. I kept explaining I had no need for cable, and they were flustered. After two weeks of that, I told them they were harrassing me and I was going to lodge a complaint. I'm now on the no-call list.

To the above poster: is it really rare to only have one TV? That's the most I've ever lived with. Weird.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: How do you have fun with friends?
« Last post by Mezzie on Today at 05:57:32 AM »
When I could hike, that was always option #1.

But there's still...
Board games
Having people over for dinner (and they bring some aspect of it -- salad, drinks, etc.)
Meetup groups (I like them for practicing languages)
Museums (ours have free days a few times per month)
Concerts in the park in summer (picnic)
Library events/community events

My favorite thing is going to the theater, which is super expensive, but the above balances things out.

When I was in the process of still deciding whether not having children would be something I would regret, I asked a 60+ year old lady at work who didn't have children whether she regretted the choice. She didn't regret it at all. That was for me good to hear. Also, before it was too late, I have discussed it again with my husband and we deliberately choose to not have children.
I don't envy a lot of parents. As mentioned above, there are lots of parent who are a bit out of control in some situations. They don't seem happy at that. The other thing is that I get stressed enough of my own life as it is and I really cannot imagine having to take care of children, bringing them to school, bringing them to sports clubs, while both parents are working full-time. This is what all almost all of my colleagues do and I don't envy them at all.
I haven't gotten any of these nasty comments from my colleagues. Only some plees from my mother and MIL. Luckily my brother and BIL produced grand children. My mother is still not very happy, because the don't let her baby sit the children. Whatever. Not my concern.
Antimustachian Wall of Shame and Comedy / Re: I don't watch TV
« Last post by MightyAl on Today at 05:51:05 AM »
Alright I do watch TV but I have a story like this.

We had Tivo and were going to a cable provider that had a DVR included so we no longer needed the Tivo box.  Note: This is long before my eyes were opened and we now have the cut the cord and watch way less TV.  I called Tivo to cancel and they started going through their song and dance. 

Tivo rep: "Sir you can still use the awesome Tivo service with your new cable provider" 
Me: "That is a level of complexity that I want to avoid plus we would have 2 boxes for TV"
Tivo rep: "Is there a relative or friend that you could give this box?"
Me:  "I really don't get that intimate with my friends and family about their TV technology choices."
Tivo rep: "Well you could put it on another TV in your house."
Me:  I only have one TV."
Tivo rep:  long silent pause
Me:  "Hello are you still there"
Tivo rep:  "Sir I will cancel your subscription immediately, have a nice day."

One of my peers at work think that the Tivo rep didn't have a tab in their book for "Subscriber only has one TV".

Investor Alley / Re: Critique my target portfolio
« Last post by matchewed on Today at 05:48:50 AM »
Oh... Stop tinkering.

No thanks I enjoy tinkering.  If you had actual portfolio advice though I'd be interested.

That actually is advice. :)

There is positive benefits to choosing an investment plan and sticking to it.
I never "bought" the 4% rule, to me, the study was just a "hey look, this guy had money after 30 years" thing

Like walking outside and saying, "hey look, the sun is yellow", we know stars burn at different temperatures and and not all of them are yellow in color

saying that, I do plan my retirement around 4%, if anyone had to ask, my reasoning would be, do I feel like I can at least net 4%/year (accounting for down years), then my answer would be yes. Because I feel like I can net at least 4%/year, then I don't mind spending 4%/year

and this is only because I live in the US, will have a US pension, and US social security... go to any other country, and the 4% rule quickly falls apart
even holding a total world stock portfolio does not achieve 4% swr...

Look at the countries at the bottom of that list: Austria, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium. What do they all have in common? They each had the second world war fought directly on their soil, killing people,* overturning governments,** and destroying infrastructure and housing.***

There is essentially no sum of money that will allow you to go on living your lifestyle without any adjustment while people are fighting and dying outside your front door and bombs are falling from the sky.

*Generally a bad thing.
**Bad for return on government bonds
***Bad for return on stocks
Ask a Mustachian / Re: Should I pay off my house?
« Last post by matchewed on Today at 05:35:03 AM »
Question for those in the "keep the mortgage" camp.
So at 30 years old you borrow for a house and get a 30 year loan.   At age 60 you pay it off, then what?   Would you take a big home equity loan against it for another 10-20-30 years, throw that money in the market and continue to make payments so you don't miss out on the investment gains?

Depending on the interest rate I'd just refinance near the end of the loan, or leave it paid off. A mortgage is a great thing to have depending on the economic climate.
Meetups and Social Events / Re: Anyone in Dallas?
« Last post by chasesfish on Today at 05:33:10 AM »
I'm sorry, I won't be able to make this one.  My wife is on bedrest from a fluke exercise injury and can't get into the specialist until the first week of April.
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