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I was actually a "founding member" of FW.  It spun off from a tech forum I believe.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Anyone have a Sleep Number bed
« Last post by ThatGuy on Today at 08:23:48 PM »
I didn't read all the posts so I apologize if someone has already posted this, their price for the adjustable base is ridiculous.  You should be able to find an adjustable base for $1000 less.  I've had a sleep number bed for about 15 years or so, I will never buy an innerspring mattress again.  However, I might give this mattress a try simply because of the 365 day trial.
Post-FIRE / Re: The BEST place in America to FIRE is.....
« Last post by JenniferW on Today at 08:21:01 PM »
I thought Vancouver WA would be the best place:  no income tax in WA state, drive across the river to OR for no sales tax.  Either way, there's a lot to  like about the state of WA.

Oh that's sweet, wonder what property tax is like there.
Forum Information & FAQs / Re: Case Study Spreadsheet updates
« Last post by BTDretire on Today at 08:18:19 PM »
On your next update, can you add a Cells for Earner # 1 and Earner #2 for SEPs under 'Subtractions for AGI'?
I'm assuming that's the right place.
Also, a place for healthcare insurance premium for those that are self employed? Again, I'm assuming under
'Subtractions for AGI'

What does the abbreviation in Cell A49, SL int (Approx)  stand for?
Wow, sorry to hear about this and glad you are your family are safe - that's the most important thing. It would be best to get the information from the police about insurance before proceeding with anything else. And that's what your insurance company should be doing for you (it's their job). And then you can see what gaps there are. The at-fault insurance may be prepared to offer an amount over and above medical costs and vehicle damage.

Good luck and take care of yourselves. Some injuries can show up later, so be careful. And you've likely already been told this, but the car seats that saved your children from serious injury or worse, must be destroyed. They can only go through one crash.

Good advice. I think I will contact my own insurance and let them handle it. I was just worried that it would drive up my own rates even though it wasn't my fault.

When I emptied the van from the wreck yard I left the car seats behind and bought new ones for the ride back home. The car seats were awesome. It's funny how many times I curse the car seat buckles when it takes forever to click in. On the day I hoped I'd never see they did there job though. The kids seemed completely unphased by the high speed collision.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Epic FU money stories
« Last post by zolotiyeruki on Today at 08:13:35 PM »
Not sure if "courage" is correct, or just astonishment that at the racism is called out.

I had a housemate who was very blond, and worked at an East Indian restaurant. I thought it was pretty cool.

I'm more concerned that the restaurant Clientele matches the restaurants ethnicity, but only in locales with enough appropriate persons of that ethnicity.  However, sometimes middle of nowhere has the most awesome ethnic food, with ALL the local ethnics working at that restaurant.

I'm confused. Why does it matter whether the clientele matches the restaurant's ethnicity? If I'm white and want to eat at an Asian restaurant, or if I'm Asian and feel like Italian food, why does it matter whether I'll "match" the restaurant's food, regardless of how many "appropriate persons of that ethnicity" reside at that particular location? I think I'm misunderstanding something here.
My guess is he means that if you see your local Chinese community frequent a particular restaurant, it means the restaurant's food is likely more authentic/yummier.
Ask a Mustachian / Re: Can/Should We Sue?
« Last post by Mgmny on Today at 08:13:06 PM »
I am neither a lawyer nor a mechanic, so take the following for what it's worth.

First, it sounds like by "the car died", it simply lost power. It's happened to me in the middle of downtown traffic, and it's not fun. The brakes were in all likelihood still working, but because there is no power you need to press the pedal really hard to stop the car. The emergency brake would have worked regardless. Your wife should know this in case it ever happens again, so she doesn't drive to her death needlessly.

Second, to sue someone successfully in a civil suit, you are going to need to show that you suffered damages. It sounds like nothing bad happened here, and you can't sue people for hypothetical damages.

Thanks for the reply. I was a few blocks away blissfully unaware of the situation, so I'm just going off of my wife's word that the brakes did nothing.

I brought up the emergency break to her as well, but to be honest after we talked about it we don't think she has one. There is an electric parking break button in the center console, but no have break or e-break pedal. It's a 2016 Ford Edge. I'm thinking if the power died then the electric parking break wouldn't have worked either.

I figured you were correct that there needed to actually be an accident, but that doesn't make me feel better I guess. Someone almost got my wife and unborn son seriously hurt, and I thank God they weren't, but I am still angry and feel like someone needs to own up to this and "pay" (in quotes because I don't mean money, I just mean take responsibility and somehow fix how I'm feeling).

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Epic FU money stories
« Last post by Carless on Today at 08:13:04 PM »
If you go  to a chinese place in chinatown and everyone there is white, you're probably in some americanized joint like the mandarin that sells chicken balls and other deep fried barely-chinese knockoffs.  If most of the customers are chinese, and the menu is mostly in chinese, and there aren't any forks on the table (only chopsticks) you've probably found a place that's authentic, and good enough that the people most experienced in the cuisine think it's good.

Of course, you might want chicken balls, so it depends what you're after.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: What comes after the ACA?
« Last post by Paul der Krake on Today at 08:11:22 PM »
Paging @Exflyboy

Bi-partisan draft senate bill to ban balance billing at the federal level:
It was shutdown several months ago.  A few of the regular posters started a new site 
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