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One Saturday morning I got out of bed. I shouldn't have.

I stepped on the prongs of the charger for my work mobile phone. The charger was a stupid design, and the other side of the charger was curved (so I stepped on something that wasn't stable). As I had all my weight on that foot, I was catapulted forward into the far wall. Unfortunately, there was a chest of drawers next to the wall, so I caught my shoulder on the chest, was twisted around, and I bashed my head on the corner of the chest of drawers. Net damage at this stage: foot with two bleeding holes in it (I didn't notice this until Wednesday), bump on my head the size of a cricket ball, torn ligament in my shoulder, feeling so nauseous that I spent the rest of the weekend retching.

On Sunday night, SO comes home after being away for the weekend. I tell him my story. No sympathy, just "have you been to the doctor". Poor me! Where can I go to a doctor on a weekend? And how was I to get there (I certainly wasn't up to driving or walking)?

On Monday I go to work, by lunchtime I have a black eye, and I am feeling quite sore and weepy. So I go to the doctor, who gives me a couple of days off, and tells me that if I start to feel nauseous, I should go straight to the hospital (I mustn't have told the doctor that I was nauseous all weekend). On Tuesday the other eye becomes black (so I now look like a racoon according to SO). On Wednesday morning, I feel nauseous, so SO takes me to the hospital.

Don't ever go to the hospital with your partner with two black eyes, a suspected broken neck (it wasn't), and a silly story about having bumped into a wall, and an even sillier story about him having been away all weekend!
I believe this only refers to CASH deposits.
Ask a Mustachian / Re: Bootstrapping a startup business hack ideas
« Last post by dungoofed on Today at 01:12:43 AM »
I don't have a specific suggestion for VoIP but this site popped up this week:

It's more focused on traditional Silicon Valley startups but if you go to the Tools section you might be able to find something eg Slack. These are all currently "best of breed" in their respective categories (not that there aren't better alternatives, just that I don't think you could go wrong with anything linked to by this site).

I don't know if I believe the "poor people don't buy healthy food because it's expensive" meme.

I moved out of my parents' house a few months ago so I've been buying groceries and cooking for myself for the 1st time. October was the first month since moving where I really tried to not eat out much. I've been surprised with how cheap groceries seem. I've still spent more than I really need to, but it's much cheaper than eating out. I haven't made anything fancy either so I'm not sure how much "cooking skill" has to do with it. Just lots of potatoes, eggs, salads, beans, fruits, vegetables, chicken, etc.

I think the delayed gratification theory holds more water. People who are prone to spend money as soon as they get it would be likely to choose foods humans are wired to want: sugar, salt, simple carbs. It's an overall trait of wanting what you want when you want it.
Yea I just ran some numbers through a cycling calories calculator. I want to eventually ride a century - and at 10-12 mph, for my body weight that'd be 3538 calories burned!
Do it Yourself Discussion! / Re: How do I make a fence post like this?
« Last post by Rage on October 25, 2014, 11:52:44 PM »
I agree with slugsworth, build your own H's out of whatever works to get the thickness and appearance you want.  Seems more maintainable that way too, you could take part of the fence apart easily.

I'd never seen this slotted H concept before, looks very nice. 
Real Estate and Landlording / Re: Tree removal
« Last post by mustachemayhem on October 25, 2014, 11:42:06 PM »
Reviving this thread as I've got trees on the brain.  Are trees worth the cost? 

I've got some aging pines covered in ivy... I've heard arguments both ways on the ivy, but most seem to agree that the ivy wouldn't be thriving if the tree was healthy.  So do I kill the ivy and let the tree live a little longer?  Remove the tree? 

Someone mentioned replanting -- can I not plant next to the old stump?  Is it worth planting new trees if they are just going to become a hazard in the future?

The ivy can thrive if the tree is healthy. The ivy will cause problems with the tree though as it will increase the risk of disease in the bark. It will also provide "drag" or a "sail effect" when the wind blows. Trees require maintenance just like every other aspect of a home. The problem is most people don't prune trees and also often plant them to close to structures.

Planting next to an old stump would be a bad idea. Remember that the tree you see above the ground, often has roots the same size below the ground. If the old tree was diseased, it can also spread the disease to the new tree.
If you are going on really long rides, like for hours at a time, you need extra food if not specialty products. From what i understand, if you are really pushing it you can burn the calories faster that you can digest them with normal foods. I havent used the specialty products myself, but I can see how they may be useful/necessary in some situations Thought not likely for the average rider.

I dont keep track of cost per mile for biking, just track my spending of things I buy for riding as i would anything else.
Ask a Mustachian / Re: How to make dad's retirement exciting?
« Last post by Kriegsspiel II on October 25, 2014, 11:20:25 PM »
Do you know how to make fireworks? Or other explosions*?

*Adding certain chemicals to explosives changes the colors into magical beautiful spectacles, instead of terrorism.
Ah, I haven't read that part of his journal. I'm a skinny myself.  My experience has been that I can use more carbs in my diet when burning a lot of energy. But my point is it's just more of the regular carbs I would have eaten anyway, not specially engineered energy bar carbs.
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