Author Topic: Selling an expensive house yourself?  (Read 180 times)


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Selling an expensive house yourself?
« on: July 10, 2018, 01:02:54 PM »
More and more people are selling their own house themselves without using an estate broker.
Here is Norway we only have the seller's broker. The is no buyer's broker involved. At least not for houses in the normal market segment. Houses are announced on a popular website where every buyer looks. You can place your private add there as well.

Estate brokers typically take care of collecting the official information on the house, for finding a photographer, writing a prospect, setting a price estimate, doing some public viewings, following up the potential buyers, managing the digital bidding process and making up the final sales papers.
You also need a technical report, for which you need to hire a qualified engineer. This technical person also gives a price estimate. As a private person you can also make a pretty qualified guess for a price when you compare houses sold in the neighbourhood. Estate brokers often want to take a few % of the sales sum, typically 2 to 2,5 %. Having an espensive house, we think we can save a great deal by using a DIY broker firm where you only hire the services you need for a fixed price and do the rest yourself. I think we can save 15-20K by not using a broker.

I have understand that many people in the US are selling without a broker. What is your experience with selling privately? Both as a seller or as a buyer. Are buyers sceptic?