Author Topic: Reporting visuals for your budget?  (Read 602 times)


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Reporting visuals for your budget?
« on: January 21, 2016, 03:37:33 AM »
I've been keeping track of my expenses, budget and income for some years now using Excel.
While I think excel is a perfect way to do this as I do not want to connect any banking details to a program and can pretty much do whatever I want, I still would like some fancy graphics, reports, extrapolating and what not.

I've seen that YNAB is quite big here, but I'm not willing to pay anything as I'm pretty satisfied with my own excel skills, except from the reporting of course. Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to the report part?

I would be willing to try a free program, and I've seen gnuCash and MS Money getting some recommendations here on the forum.

Basically my question is, where can I find a free program that will generate fancy diagrams and charts showing me how good/bad I'm doing in my quest for FI? Alternatively, what kind of charts are you Excel folks using? Share your ideas!

Thanks :)

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