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Make Money With The Jobspotter App!
« on: August 09, 2017, 11:14:20 AM »
Hi everyone.

I wanted to share a cool app that I've been using for the past 6 weeks called Jobspotter, run by  If you aren't familiar helps connect people looking for work with places hiring.  Their Jobspotter app gives anyone who sees a help wanted or hiring sign to take two pictures through the app, these are then posted onto the website to help people find jobs.  They'll also give you a modest payout for each sign you submit.

So you can help people find work and make a little bit of money at the same time!

You can get the app for either android or iOS through this link

What you need to know

* Works on both Android and iOS devices

* Take and submit photos of help wanted signs.
         * (1) Photo: Make sure the “help wanted” sign is in focus.
         * (2) Photo: The picture of the storefront — and its name — needs to be clear.
         * Don’t include any human subjects in either of the photos.
         * Receive points for each submission, 1 point = $0.01

* Redeem for an amazon giftcard at any time.

The amount each sign is worth varies, but generally signs that are handwritten, display position(s) needed, and are for small businesses pay higher.  Corporate hiring signs for large companies pay very little.

From Jobspotter:
“According to our algorithm, submissions of help wanted signs from small businesses that appear to truly indicate an opportunity to get hired at that location are worth the most,” it states. “These are the signs that are most useful to people looking for jobs.”

Personally, I've made $58.86 since from Jun 20 to August 9 which came from 119 signs that I found.  The highest payout for one sign was $1.07, I had probably 5-7 that were worth $1+, and the lowest was $0.05.  In total each sign comes out to essentially $0.50.  Taking pictures is super fast, each sign takes about ~20 seconds to take a picture of and submit, so that comes out to roughly $90/hr which isn't too bad!

Now clearly this isn't going to make you big money.  I only use this app on my daily travels, nothing to go out of my way for.  Additionally this has given me an activity to do with friends and family - a treasure hunt of sorts.  Its fun to go out walking and see new areas with an eye for an extra bit of money (or pay for treats during your adventure).

The best places are anywhere with lots of stores that are easy walking/biking distance apart so big malls, shopping centers, main streets etc.

Let me know if you signup and find it fun!

*There is no referral program and I receive zero benefits by sharing this but I thought others would be interested :D
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